rookie audiophile upgrading speakers

I have a Rotel (Int Amp stereo) RA1062, a RCD1072 CD Player and a Project Xpression III with an oyster cartridge. My current speakers are the B&W 601 bookshelves, not too fancy and the sound is ok, but I'm ready for an upgrade, my budget is up to $2,500 any recommendations?
Describe your listening situation; room size, how far back is your listening position, what type of music, and what sound characteristics do you want from your system. Do you want another pair of bookshelf or full-range spkrs?

Then you'll start getting some advice. :)
I agree with Lowrider. However, even with this information, due to the subjectivity inherent is making a speaker choice, it is difficult for one to recommend a speaker system that will best suit another.

When auditioning speakers, take your amp to the dealer and listen to those speakers you are considering using it. Also, try to do so in a room most like the one at home. If this is not convenient, read reviews, and locate on-line providers offering 30 day trial period with return policy. Music Direct, Audio Advisor, come to mind. There are others. The speaker/amp and the speaker/room interactions are critical to getting the most from a speaker system.

Enjoy the hunt.