Room Correction Hardware options ?

Hi guys

Tried the conventional bass traps, diffusers, etc and none seems to work or remove effectively room nodes in my listening room. Now exploring the possibility of Digital room correction. My options are: Lyngdorf RP1, Tact 2.2 xp and the Accuphase DG48.

Which of these three is the most effective w/o deteriorating the signals ?

Care to share on experiences on these gadgets ?


Since you didn't mention a desire to bi-amp, here's a page that offers info on the TacT RCS 2.0(download the free review): ( If you have no nulls that you'd like to bring up to level(highly unlikely): I would recommend the Rives unit as no other EQ will be as transparent in your system as a passive.
I have used the Z-Systems with great effect.Have heard this in many high-end systems and have always enioyed it.
Before spending four figures on digital room correction hardware, I would suggest trying a software program to optimize loudspeaker placement.

I would guess there a re several of these avalable, but one I have used is a $99.99 program called "Room Optimizer" available from the PRG Difussor folks (I believe they're one of the major manufacturers of room treatment products) available at:

I have used this program with great success to smooth out "lumpy" bass in my listning room which was obvious to my ears despite multiple ASC Tube Traps and endless "trial and error" repositionaing of speakers not quite getting it done.

To use this very simple program one merely enters the room dimensions (L, W, H), a little info on low-frequency driver position - i.e. height from floor, or "Z" axis (assigning one driver as the "independednt" driver and the others as dependednt on the first driver's position), an acceptable range for the listening position, then clicks on "start" and the program - through repeated "virtual" repositioning of speakers - comes up with the ideal position for the smoothest possible bass. You can even enter parameters for the position of the speakers to fall into in order to keep the speaker position within some reasonable placement range for aesthetic concerns. It will then give you the placement coordinates and show a graph of best and worst frequency responses for the possible speaker placement coordinates that fall within your defiined parameters.

In my case and for my room, I learned that in the wrong position I could have peaks and nulls of over 20dB difference! The results in my case were amazing...not a subtle thing.

I've read over the past several years about sophisticated hardware, most notably the TacT - which I'm sure can be extrememly effective for room correction - but have not heard any such equipment. In my case and at present time, using this program to reposition my loudspeakers I am not hearing amything that makes me feel I need to spend this kind of money for room correction hardware.

FYI: I have no connection/affiliation with PRG or this software other than being a satisfied user...
I use the Rives PARC for stereo subs only, allowing my "mains" to naturally roll off at the bottom end. I measure with a Monarch Instruments spl meter and have achieved a very nice result, both by ear and by the numbers.

I was a very early adopter of the DEQX back in '04, but have much more satisfying music now. This stuff ain't easy to get "right", and my solution is only what has worked for my ears in my room.
Tks for the inputs.
On users of the tact 2.2, i understand that the stock unit only comes w/ digital inputs and outputs.
If a system consists of a sacd player and integrated amp (tube or solid state) how does one interface the unit to the system ?
Has anyone here used the ones from accuphase either the DG38 or DG48 ?

Many thanks guys. Need all the help i can get.