Room Correction Processor?

Is there such a thing as an audiophile room correction system that I can connect via the processor loop on my Rogue RP 5 preamp?   If anyone knows of one or has experience with, could you please chime in here?   I am not looking for a computer based program connected via a laptop, I am looking for an actual piece of hardware that will do the trick.

Thank you..

Have you checked out the McIntosh MEN-220 room correction system? That might be what you're looking for though it goes in line between the pre- amp and power amps.
If it is just for subwoofers, I have been very pleased with the cheap and effective DSPeaker Antimode 8033. For equalization of both subs and main speakers (and as a DAC, a preamp and a crossover) there is now the DSpeaker Antimode X4. A cheap alternative that requires more work on your part would be to use REW to create a correction curve and load that into a miniDSP.