Room correction room system vs ears….

So, I splashed out and spent more than I wanted to on a nice little Benchmark amp and preamp etc and since I’ve gone that far I got curious about a room correction system for this and it’s going to cost me over a grand apparently. As far as I can gather these dial in the music before it comes out of the speakers…?


im wondering if I simply messed around and found the sweet spot without a room correction system how much of a difference this would make. I’m far from savvy with audio and try to keep things simple for my simple brain, so, on a scale of 1-10 how much difference would I percieve by splashing out on a room correction system?


If you use Roon (if not I advise you to..) you can just make a REW measurement and then manually plug the proposed REW filters into the Roon EQ soft ware. From there add your own adjustments after careful listening. 

I have not used it yet, but I have a Mini DSP Studio SHD which is a DSP unit using Dirac Live, it is placed between digital front ends and the DAC. I have already got a large amount of room treatments and bass absorbers I made myself in the room. I've been waiting for my pre amp to get back and now that I have it I will try it out when I get back home from Florida for the holiday season in Nov/Dec.

Keep your wall treatments 4" suspended from the wall.  Often overlooked. 

@kellyp , I use spacers on the absorption panels of my back wall (about 2") and it helped. On my side walls the spacers sucked out too much and found no spacer worked better. I have carpeting and cushy furniture which absorb on their own, other rooms would likely be different.