Room Equalizer Wizard for dummies

I spent some time reading the REW help screens, but I have to admit that I am still pretty confused about how to use it....I really feel like a dummy. I understand how to physically connect it to the system..but then it's just not obvious to me how to set REW up and what to run. Perhaps more basic, I don't really understand what I can find out....and of course, once I find something wrong, how do I fix it. The one thing I do understand that somehow it is going to tell me if I have the right crossover for my subwoofer.

The most basic thing is to take a measurement of the room to see if my system is even close to flat...and to see if my subwoofer is dialed in correctly. That includes checking the phase of all of the speakers because for the life of me, I can do phase all day with two speakers, but when it comes to 6, I just can't figure it out.

Then I want to check the delay on the speakers...but I'm not sure that REW does this.

Finally, I want to move my side speakers and sub around to see if that changes the readings.

Obviously, the program can do much more...but I'm not sure exactly what it can tell me that I can do anything about. plea....could someone write, or point me to, a REW for Dummies. A step by step setup (sweep range, time of sweep, etc.), and a suggestion of how to take readings that will actually help diagnose things.

I'm probably being dense...and once I have everything set up, I'll probably figure out what I'm doing.....but someone could probably save me a lot of trial and error.

Note: I am using a Lexicon I have already set the individual speaker volumes with their test tones and a RS meter. I have also set up the speaker distances from the listener which should set the speaker delay. I have guessed at the crossover settings between my NHT 2.9's and my James EMB-1200 sub.