Room Issues

I have a large narrow long room now. Approximatl3x30. The room has floor to ceiling windows on one side (running down the 30') hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings. Obviously, the room is not the best, alot of echo. My goal is to build a stand alone dedicated room but that won't be for a while. I have major WAF factors as well. I am told I can't build the room until we finish our remodel. I could move the system to another room, while not a dedicated room because I will have to share it with a desk, I may have some options. My current system is as follows:

Audio Research LS25
Audio Research VT100MKII
Audio Research CDII
Proac Studio 250's
I plan on adding a phono section and am thinking about a Basis 1400, VPI Scoutmaster, Nottingham Spacedeck

The new room is small 10'x 11' I am concerned if my system will work well in the room. My speakers are large and have two 7" drivers each and a tweeter.

So, I have two questions, 1 am I better off leaving it in my current room and 2 what changes should I make for the smaller room. My first thought is a speaker change. Any help is appreciated.

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Sweet talk wife in order to keep it in the large room (I understand you are not moving but just want to change rooms in the house)and add some sound absorbent material to the walls (tapestries or oriental rugs come to mind. Bottom line: avoid a small almost square room at all costs.
A good general rule to follow is: small room-small speakers, medium sized room-medium sized speakers, large room... you get the picture. Maybe the easiest thing to do in the short term is get a small pair of speakers till you can build your dedicated room. It sounds like room tunes are out of the question, so this is a decent way to take care of your issues without creating a lot of chaos or maritial problems. Good luck!
Sometimes headphones are the only solution. I have a back up headphone set up just in case. It's a temporary solution for me since I like a room full of sound and not my head full of sound, but it does give pleny of satisfaction until you can figure out a way.

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You may want to see if there a way to set the speakers up on the diagonal. Not only will this buy you better listening distance between you and the speakers, but will help in regard to bass modes and 1st reflection points as well (soundstaging).

Just don't expect perfection.

It really helped in my 10 x 11 prison cell, uhh... listening room.

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Call Rives audio, or look on their site. Perhaps a Level 1 package would help. Do try to stay in the larger room.
i have the same floor to ceiling window problem in my room. I put a couple of big (read almost floor to window) house plants in the window about lined up with the reflection point. The plants act as a diffuser more than anything with some dampening of echo from the leaves. At any rate it helped a bunch and no WAF issues.