Room size suitable for which Wilsons?

My room size is 12.5' X 26' X 10' height, with the speakers on the short wall.

I've a pair of Watt/Puppy 8s on order, but was offered a great deal on MAXX2s.

Will the MAXX2s overload/kill my room acoustics? According to Cardas' ratio, I have to place the W/Ps 3.5 ft from the side wall, leaving only about 5.5ft from speaker to speaker.

I've written to Jfrech, and he's kindly advised that the MAXX2s won't be a problem, whilst another dealer said that its '100%' MAXX2s won't work. Jim Smith of Get Better Sound thinks it might be a little tight too.

Comments/advice greatly appreciated!
We have a purpose-built mastering room with almost the same dimensions. We have WP7's with the WATCH surround system. We are planning to upgrade to the MAXX3 in the future. I would do this if this were a "normal" room. We lost about 1/3 of the cubic footage with bass trapping. Without the bass trapping, the MAXX3's would be too much.
i actually have WP6s in a small room, and i am not the only audiophile who thinks it sounds terrific---ask fcrowder from this forum for his opinion (and look at his rig). just did measurements of it and it spec'd w/in +/- 5db from a psychological ideal w/ the Rives software, all through room treatments. i hope to be posting pics of it all when i review the PARC on PFO

untreated, it was awful. so, simply get treatments as part of the deal.

see pics of my rig for an idea.
Goatwuss, I did not mean to come off as stand-offish nor dismissive. I was merely being clear about my music choices.

I do know my music choices tend to be off the beaten path amongst most audiophiles, hence the need to state them clearly.

I appreciate your comments greatly, and hope no harm was offence was taken by my posting. Please feel free to continue to contribute to this thread, thank you.