Room Treaments - Where To Begin...

Hi All: I have read countless comments that the best thing you can do to improve the listening experience is to acoustically treat the room. But where does one gain the expertise to do so? There are so many products/options out there. I have no clue where to begin (or if I even need to do it)... Thanks!



Soundproofing is not only about to be nice to you neighbors or relatives. Sound is Energy and if you have leak of energy you have nothing to work with using all those panels and fancy tricks. 



Now there is something that I have never considered. You are correct. Makes me wonder how live outside concerts have to deal with since they can't keep the sound 'together?'. It also reminds that when I was young and playing in a marching band, it could be difficult hearing other instruments as you marched or turned in step.

  Appreciate learning about aspects of a subject not yet considered.

Thanks dill for the link. I’ll be reading and watching videos for hours to come!

All the best.


First thing you need to do is to seal all possible acoustic leaks. Imagine that your room is the vessel filled with water, then try to understand where the water could leaked out of the vessel, find that leaking spots and seal it as good as you can…we talking about AC or water pipes walls entering points, cables or electric outlets, windows and doors gaps etc.


You can do all of this but it is sure makes for a hard listen. IF you don’t vent the room, YOUR ears are going to take all the pressure. The smaller the room the worse it is.. I like to be able to open windows or doors and be able to cover the openings with heavy acoustic curtains. They act like a weir too, they let waves out the openings and the curtains will dampen a certain amount. When the wave hits the walls in the other room and come back very little of the wave makes it back through the opening. The window it’s a one way, the pressure wave is gone..

I’m not into an Infinite Baffle room. I like mine ported and to be able to vary that..:-)