Roon can't find HQplayerr

I replaced a microRendu with an ultraRendu, changing nothing else except naming the ultraRendu "ultraRendu" rather than "Living Room". Now Roon sends the message that it can’t find a HQplayer. What’s the fix for this?

I deleted the HQPlayer box and Roon plays
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do you ever get a chance to listen to the system ?   

 seems you are always tinkering or there is a issue with something.
Sorry for disturbing you Riley.  I tried unsuccessfully to delete the latest offending post.  It's true I'm in a period of making a number of changes to a couple of setups, and have sought advice, then abandoned some of my planned changes.  In fact I listen via Roon several hours a day using Ayre 5/20 series components and KEF Reference 1s.  I'll be 84 in April and still trying to figure out what I'll be when I grow up, so please pardon me.


you arent disturbing me at just seems that you are always having an issue with something and was simply asking a question .      no need to get all upset.

Not upset, riley, just tried to answer your question re listening time and provide a bit of explanation, but your two posts do seem snarky.  I think what you're implying is that I post too often, and that might be true.

  • I find the Roon knowledge base lacking.  It often refers to something without telling you where to find that something.  Abe at AudioAsylem has been more helpful.  After I replaced the microRendu with an ultraRendu, I got the message that Roon can't find HQPlayer.  Following Abe's advice that Roon supplies DSP and the HQPlayer is not needed, I deleted HQPlayer and Roon played.

  • I had the idea that having both the Ayre DX-5 DSD and QX-5/20 in my rack may be redundant, and that I could use the QX-5 to replace a microRendu and Codex in a secondary setup.  I had used USB from my iMac to the DX-5 for my first venture into computer audio and thought to return to that.  A number of posters suggested the direct USB connection was less than ideal. and finally Gary at Ayre told me the DAC process of the QX-5 is superior to that of the DX-5, so it is not redundant.  I abandoned the idea.

That's probably more than you wanted to know.

I think what you're implying is that I post too often, and that might be true.

not one time did a imply that you are posting to I said just seems that you are always having some kind of issue going on.   

but your two posts do seem snarky

by asking a question, I was being snarky ?    omg....

I do not use any computer based audio just for the reasons that seem to appear here often. I am not sure what you do but I seem to be reading that there is a lot of issues with Roon and software issues.
do you every get a chance to listen to the system?  no need to get all upset