Roon in the cloud

I have been for many years a happy Logitech Transporter user.

Then Qobuz came along, I subscribed and I love it. Squeezebox has a nice integration with Qobuz, via iPeng, but you need to have your server up and runnig. This is inconvenient since I would rather stream directly form the cloud to my streamer / dac combo, faster, easier. As a matter of fact even though I have some 10K carefully selected tracks on my HD most of the times I listen to the same tunes directly from Qobuz.

Now Roon comes along, tried it and love it, metadata so much better that what Qobuz has to offer. But you are back to square one, you need a server up and runnig. This seems to me an obsolete architecture. Since most if not all of the music we are listening to comes from the cloud why should I need a local server to add metadata to those? Roon should run in the cloud, as a service, and integrated with Qobuz / Tidal / all the rest of cloud music services. I am not going to the inconvenience and cost of havig a local server with all that implies.

Or am I wrong ? Thoughts ?

There are still plenty of folks who have no need for streaming music and would prefer to own what we listen to.  For those of us in that camp, Roon is a fantastic option.