Roon nucleus & Lumin T2

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

I'm a new Roon nucleus owner and have paired that with a Lumin T2. Reasons for adding Roon are mainly for a better operating system (lumin ap is horrible & crashes often), and to have one system to rule all my devices etc etc.

I found pairing the Roon to the Lumin a little confusing. What I control on the roon AP (select to play) will not appear on the Lumin screen. I've also read that one should shut off the up sampling in the T2 AP, but I can't find anything in the Lumin ap that mentions up sampling?

Any help tips and tricks are very welcomed. 
Jeff, I have owned a T2 for a couple of years and power it with a small green computer server that is the Roon core device.  Did you go to the LUMIN website and look at their set up instructions?  They take you step-by-step so you can tailor  the device to how you will use it. I run an iPad with the Roon app to control the LUMIN T2. I have not experienced what you described. Your issues probably will go away if you go through the LUMIN set up process. If you’re still having issues I recommend you sign into the Roon community page-hardware and post a question. The lumen software designer Peter Lie will respond. If you set up your Roon device to up sample and get dropouts or sputtering then you should throttle down the upsampling or turn it off.
In re your Roon/Lumin app question, the Lumin app will not sync with what you're playing through the Roon app.  You can continue to use the Roon app for playback and disregard the Lumin app while you are using Roon.
I have a Lumin T2 and Roon. The Lumin app is only needed for initial setup, after which you can literally forget about it. You operate the Lumin exclusively through the Roon app (on iPad) for playback.
I have owned my T2 since Feb and it has never crashed.  Before the T2 I had a NAD C658 which used BluOS which had a much better interface but did not sound near as good as the T2.
So the screen on lumin component doesnt display whats playing if being controlled by roon ap???  And displays incorrct song info from whereever?

can screen be turned off?

this really sucks as the file info is of value to see.