Rotel RA-1570 to Ayre AX-7e

I've currently got an Rotel RA-1570 integrated in front of Vandersteen 2Ce Sig IIs and I'm debating purchase of a used Ayre Ax-7e vs waiting to save. Anyone have thoughts on what to expect? The room is 13 x 23. 
You won't recognize your system. The Rotel is great, but the Ayre will be a major upgrade.
Thanks. So considering this brings up a question. 
I currently have speakers A&B with the Rotel. The A is my main and B is my kitchen. In there I have two 8 Ohm in wall speakers for each side (4 total). It's been a while but I'm pretty sure I wired them in parallel. 

I will check with Ayre but I doubt it would be a problem running the Vandys and others except for figuring out a termination since the AX-7e has single connect and the Vandersteens are bi-wired. 

Conversely, can I use the tape out as input another amp for driving the B speakers? Does turning on the tape out interrupt signal to amp side? It seems so since the manual talks about routing the recorder output to a specific pre-amp line input.Thanks

The tape out is a fixed line-level output, so the downstream amp will have to be an integrated or you'll need a pre.

Biwired from the Ayre terminals to Vandersteen is a bit tricky (I have the AX-5 Twenty / 3A Sigs) but doable. It's actually recommended in the 3A Sig manual to biwire this way anyway,

I agree the Ayre is a major step up. My dealer let me borrow it while the AX-5 was back in Boulder getting the Twenty update. I was very impressed.

No matter the price, Ayre seems to make top notch gear.
yage, thanks I have an old integrated to use as long as turning on tape out doesn’t interrupt the AX-7 output to main.

Can I put both spades under the speaker connection or would I have to re-terminate to have a single upstream spade?
You can double up on the amp end with no problems. If I'm having new cables made, I do have them terminate both pairs at the amp end. It does make it easier, but you can do it either way. Also, make sure you use 1/4 inch spade connectors. Anything bigger won't fit in the barrier strip.