Rotel rdv-1040 CD Playback ??

Just home with the unit.  picked it up for 100 out the door. I know a little more than what its worth, its old as baseball.
 I heard it utilizes a great transport. its made in china, but so was my RB-1090, which when worked was a stellar great sounding amp.

 amps and pre, are still warming up at mid volume, ill give a detailed listen in a few hours, after warming up.

what are your thoughts on this ROtel as a CD player. It does say dvd/cd player., but I'm still nervous about it breaking, but for a hound, i guess i can gamble a little bit. Its in MN condition, drawer works effortlessly , reading is fast, track selection is fast, instantly starts track when forward is used.

its only been 20 minutes of on time, not even warmed up yet.  

Just wanted to get thoughts, and your guys' opinions about this player.  i think its from early 2000's, so its quite old.  if I can get 2 years from the new gal, its worth it, the way cd players are these days.

your thoughts..................
meh......its ok. the 275 mammy s300 sounded better, but that only lasted 6 hours and started skipping.




Those Rotel RDV series players are quite good. I believe that there was 1 more player (1060?) above your 1040. Nice score. The 1072 is a good player as well.


If you like Yamaha, stick with a S-1000, S-2000 or S-3000. Lesser players were made in china. Or, Pioneer Elite, Sony ES.


Happy Listening!



2nd Note;

Yes, there is a 1060 and 1080 player in that "rdv" series. These (2) models add DVD-A and DVD-v capabilities.  I found Rotel to excel in Hard Rock and Metal playback. Enjoy your 1040 spinner.


Happy Listening!