Rounded back enclosure gives clearer sound - B&W 805

   I am enjoying the clear sound of B&W 805 speakers with rounded back enclosure - less standing waves? 

   What are your thoughts on this type of enclosure?




My DCM Time Windows have round backs and no parallel sides to reduce standing waves. Unusual and effective design!

There are many ways to skin a cat in audio.  My advice, never listen to a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars because they’ll wreck you.  I’m very familiar with the 805s and they just can’t compete with the Pulsars on any level.  The Pulsars do not have  a rounded back BTW. 

There are more factors then just being round 

look at MBL 126, or 120:stand mount speakers ,they are Omni directional and image excellent ,even low level details Anywhere in the room  , even off axis that’s what make them in part such a great speaker and tweeter,and midrange is completely out of the box ,just the dual opposing Bass drivers are in the box with the Xover. 

Rounded back enclosure gives clearer sound - B&W 805

Rounded back enclosure gives clearer sound,  look at JBL Everest II



I ran B&W801s for many years.

It's best not to have parallel boundaries.  Rounded back is one way to do it.

The crossover has a MUCH greater affect on the sound of a speaker than the shape! Company’s tout time-alignment by placing the tweeter physically behind the bass/mid when in reality this alignment occurs as a delay in the crossover. Dispersion occurs in the crossover and defraction isn’t near the issue you would think it is. The cabinet shape just refines what happens with the crossover design. The curves look pretty which is why we are so drawn to them. From a cabinet building perspective, curves are HARD and straight lines are easy.