rubber O rings on Rega counterweight collars?


Has anyone tried one or two rubber O rings around the Rega counterweight collar (either before the counterweight or after or both)? I have a Rega RP6 with a RB303 tonearm and was thinking of giving this a try before I attempt upgrading the factory Rega counterweight.

Does anyone know white size O ring I would need for the Rega counterweight collar?

Would appreciate feedback if you have tried this or thoughts about if this would be a good dampening upgrade or if it would possibly take the life out of the arm.
Probably the best thing you can do is give The Cable Company a call. They have a huge selection of tweaks/upgrades. Also, they'll send you demo units of whatever you want, to try in your system before you commit to a purchase.
You might also give these dampers from Herbie's Audio Lab a try, I have heard others give them good reviews. He has a money back if not satisfied policy.

Go to your hardware store with your counterweight in hand and try them on for fit. Usually three fit nicely around it and depending on what weight you have depends on the size. I've tried it and it seems to take a bit of glare out of the system. Depending on your set up it may or my not do the same. For a few dollars it is a fun try.
On the counterweight instead of the counterweight collar? Interesting. I might try both
#210 black o-rings from Home Depot fit around the counterweight peg perfectly. One before (inner side) sounds great with better soundstage and warmth.
I purchased a counterweight for my VPI JMW 12.5 from Xact Audio Design through Ebay. They specialize in counterweights for a wide range of tonearms including Rega.

The counterweight made a marked improvement in sound resolution through the whole frequency range. If you do not find a counterweight for your specific arm, just email them and they will make one for you. That is how my CW came into being.