Rythmik or REL Subs to pair with Totem Element Metal V2?

I'm looking at one REL S/810 or two Rythmic F12SE subs as that works out to be about $3k total which is my budget.

What I'm looking for is more low-end growl, weight, and visceral punch - in proper proportion.   I want a bass guitar to sound like a real bass guitar and I want to fill in the bottom end.   The Totems are awesome from about 60Hz up, but they just don't move the air at the lowest end.

My current rig is:

Xfinity Modem ->AQ Vodka-> LHY SW8 switch ->AQ Vodka-> NAD M33 ->Cardas Cygnus Biwire-> Totem Element Metal V2.   Power cables are AntiCables L3, AC filtering is a Panamax 5300.

My room is 32' wide, 17' deep with the speakers along the long wall. with the front baffles about 18" out from the wall.   Some spousal-approved room treatments are in use.   Also, and importantly, I'm in a high-rise condo, so I don't want to be inadvertently massaging my neighbors with pounding bass.

Any recommendations or thoughts?


I love the idea of having two subs, getting one REL, and then start saving up for another one is the path to take. Unless you’re 90 and on your deathbed, enjoy the journey. Sure the rhythmics now Will give you plenty of satisfaction. I just truly believe that two REL‘s S810 would supply much much more.

Rythmik all the way.  More for less is better, and more subs are better.  You're paying a lot extra in dealer markup for REL vs. buying direct from Rythmik.  

I have the Metal V2's, although in a smaller dedicated room. Have you looked into Totem's Tribe Solution Sub? Years ago I had a Rel subwoofer.I wasn't too impressed with it. If I was in the market I would look at Rhythmic.

I can't speak to your particular room setup, or exactly what you're looking for.....but absolutely check out Rythmik. I have a G22 (dual opposed 12") and the thing is an absolute beast. Very musical and comparatively easy to integrate. JM2CW.

I’m going to echo @hilde45 for several reasons. I have zero experience with REL, but appreciate that they are well regarded. I use Avantgarde horns (Duos) and had several old Velodynes (an 18" and a 15") that were part of a large home theatre projection system. I could not get them to cohere with the horns for the two channel audio system. I bought one Rythmik 12" (paper cone) and got some sense of what I could accomplish. When I moved from NY to Texas, I bought two 15" woofers from Rhythmik (those do not have the paper cone option or at least did not at the time). I added a cheap DSP unit that only affects the subwoofers and do not roll off the main system integrated woofers. The end result is seamless, very coherent and extremely cost effective. Dialing in phase/delay makes a significant difference in my estimation: