Can a manufacturer post replies & discussions?

Hi Audiogoners and Moderators,

I am a manufacturer of high end audio accessories. As such, am I allowed (according to Audiogon guidelines) to post responses to questions that pertain to my field of vibration control? I know these forums are not meant to be a form of advertising and I don't intend to promote my products here but I want to make sure that any responses I post do not "cross the line". I expect that I wouldn't be allowed to name any of my products directly. Is that correct? What about discussing, and maybe being critical of, other philosophies of vibration control that are at odds with mine or products that are not executed well? If I would do so I would not discuss any other company's product specifically by name but by the general design pricinples.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thank you.

Barry Kohan
Hi Barry,

Absolutely, you can participate and I welcome you, it is nice to have manufacturers input. Beware though, it seems some enjoy "going after" those that do input.
Your posts should identify you as a manufacturer when posting your opinions on these types of products. Other than that, glad to have you and other manufacturer's and designers input IMO.

There are a lot of folks in the industry here. It is nice to identify yourself (your commercial ties) in your posts as you did above, but it is not required by the rules as far as I know. Always nice to have experts. Vibration control(resonance?)is an interesting area.

I think most commercial folks feel welcomed here and most have a good experience too. If would be futile to try to keep you guys out with rules because the dishonest ones would just just shill and the honest ones, from which most of us amateurs can learn a thing or two, would not contribute.

The moderation guidelines suggest that "Posts that are obviously trying to sell something" will be rejected. They are found here.

I remain,
I think that as long as you offer a disclaimer with each of your posts relating to the subject you should be fine. If we know who you are we can make our own judgement as to your agenda. I agree with Brian, the more informed opinions we have, the better.
Barry, I don't know much about this but my understanding is that you should feel absolutely free to join in any discussion.

However, it would probably best serve your own best interests by always providing a disclaimer of sorts that you are a mfg'er. If you do not, then some joker is going to come along and discover that you are and declare you a charleton or some such thing.

Hello Barry. Personally, I would find it refreshing. But as Brian states, proceed with caution. As I have stated on many occasions, personally, I find this site to be the best. Throughout the winter months, I participate often in these forums. I try to avoid the threads asking for opinions, or where responses would be based on personal opinions.

My participation is usually in threads that are based on personal usage experience or, based on written fact that can be referenced if need be. I won't become involved in "What is the best" or "Is this better than". I have read responses to some threads where you would have to question, "What planet or solar system is this individual from? Or, "Are you fully aware of your mental instability"?

From a different perspective, there are MANY intelligent individuals on this site who are capable of providing extremely insightful responses containing extremely useful information.

If I were in your position, I would try to avoid responding with any type of sales bias or slant. Simply respond willing to provide expertise as a specialist in your field, whatever that field, and whatever that level of expertise may be comprised of. As I already stated, I feel we could use more thorough and complete contributions consisting of "in the field" experience.

I welcome and look forward to your participation.

Respectfully, Ed.

Just make sure you include who you are and/or what you represent and most all of us here will welcome you with open arms! Its the folks who try to promote only there products and seem to have a hidden agenda that really cause problems. I can name a few of the bad apples but there is no need to, everyone knows who they are and how they operate and how to reply to them. I will, however, name a few of the people in the business who not only DO NOT CROSS "the line", but are also very helpful and super nice people. Bobby from Merlin has been posting a lot of helpful information lately, Duke from Audio Kinesis, Brian from Essential Audio, Mike and Neli from Audio Federation, Bob Crump of CTC builder and TG audio, and Ken Lyons of Neaunce platforms are the ones that come to my mind immediatly(sorry for those of you I've missed/forgot!). I think it is clear that by posting this querry you have no hidden agenda and that you do NOT want to operate as a rogue- just don't forget to include a disclaimer with your information when posting about specific equipment, it will save everyone a lot of trouble.

All of that being said, its great to have input from another manufacturer!
Roy Johnson from Green Mountain Audio jumps on from time to time if somone posts a thread pertaining to questions about his product line, let me tell you, it is really something great to have the guy who engineered the speakers jump in and answer questions about them. Talk about getting the info from the horses mouth! (no offence intended roy!:)

I would greatly welcome the information on vibration control, as would many other audiophiles i would expect. You should definatly keep the hyperbole to a minimum, A'goners have a fantastic BS radar. :)

Im gonna have some issues with vibration control here soon i expect, any advise i could get would be greatly appreciated.
Barry, Although it may be hard to walk the line you propose, your expertise will be appreciated. Just be prepared to receive back other opinions in conflict with yours. Each Audiogon member has a way of marching to his own drummer, hearing what he hears, regardless of what an ordained expert presents.

I'm not sure what the protocols are but if you state that you are a manufacturer up front I believe your comments will be welcome. Beware though, that some of the regulars who post here are very knowledgeable and won't hesitate to challenge you if they don't agree with your postition.

I would recommend doing a member search for "Rives" and check out some of his posts, looking at the way he contributes to these forums. The guy is a class act.

I welcome your input.

I for one, would welcome such responses, as long as you identify yourself and any possible perceptions of conflict of interest each and every time you post. If you follow the above guidelines I see no harm in mentioning your products by name, in fact it might actually be a good idea.
I would also hope that you do name products as well as discuss theories and science. I am confident that most uf us can make up our own minds about purchases even with manufacturers input. It's a rare post indeed which doesn't mention a product. I'm guessing that the percentage of posts containing advocacy by sales folks is nonzero. IMHO it's better to hear all opinions.
I think we would all welcome it! Just anounce upfront who you are and go from there! Welcome aboard!
You can count me in as one whom enjoys these exchanges with MFGs and such. Most have a specialized experience. I certainly don't have that kind of knowledge. Sometimes it gets 'hot' but that brings forth better input. I've seen some MFGs get slammed; some dealers/ sellers need a slam--and it happens. I remember years ago "Mr.Chips" thought he was "Mr.Power" chord.He was in every pc thread for a while. He was just another 'flavour-of the month'--dealer; not a design engineer. I bought 2 of his cords--- Anybody with more experience than I;I enjoy learning from.---Somebody whom just 'sells' stuff-- that's different.
Welcome to audiogon. Considering your consideration here I doubt you will have much trouble in practice. Simply posting ideas in general terms keeps the seas calm enough. What a manufacturer can post, however, apparently has to do with their "Advertising Agreement with Audiogon".
Personally, i think that it is great that someone that is in the business would share their opinions. Hopefully, the opinions expressed are based on eitehr first hand experiences and / ir research performed in the line of "duty".

Having said that, an opinion should be supportable by some form of logic and / or explanation as to how / why someone formed that opinion. Having someone ask for clarification / challenging that opinion with one of a contrary nature should be expected. Nobody should be considered "above explanation", regardless of the situation. Obviously, the more concise the responses to these queries, the more respect and trust the poster will garner from those reading & interested in such subjects. On the other hand, avoiding direct responses and "tap-dancing" around the issues is a sure way to reduce potential clientele. The fact that you were completely up-front about the situation tells me that your input would be more than welcome here. Glad you'll be joining us : ) Sean
I would like to have your input. I'll listen to any advice that I can from those who are in the know. Opinions based on fact mean a little more to me than "don't do that, it doesn't work" with no explanation.

Bring it on!
Barry, as you have already disclosed who you are and what your position is, you have met my only request - that people do not hide who they are.

As such, I say, WELCOME ABOARD!!!

Personally, I love the interaction of people on this site from such diverse backgrounds - casual observers, audiophiles, dealers, distributors, manufacturers. It goes a long way to making Audiogon a diverse, interesting, fun website.

Your insight, experience, and knowledge will add to our experience.
New ideas and plausible theories are very welcome.

Snake oil will be ridiculed.