SabrinaX vs JA Perspective2 Graphene

Has anyone compare / heard the SabrinaX and JA Perspective 2? 

Looking at the measurements, SabrinaX could be somewhat bright and have a recessed mid. Which speakers do you like more of? And which one would be easier to drive?


JA measurements: 




That's great.  I'm looking forward to reading about your impressions.  If you want put them in my Perspectives (and other speakers) thread.  Or of course wherever.

@soix @prof @disc - your posts on JA Perspectives 2 certainly have helped me to make the decision. Although I didn't think my dealer had the speakers set up most ideal way, but going by what I heard at a show and online feedback from just about everyone on these speakers, I thought they'd serve me for many years with a highly enjoyable music. Surely I'll post my impression. Thanks everyone! 

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I owned perspective 2's for a few years.  Very good speakers. Moved on because my room is large and I couldn't get the scale and bottom end I wanted (I:m anti subwoofer). Went back to open baffle/dipole which is my preferred sound. If you have a small/medium sized room and want a dynamic speaker design (conventional drivers in a box), they work great.  Very smooth, musical and non fatiguing.