SACD - Pioneer Elite any good? Cambridge Audio?

My SACD player broke (Sony SCD-CE775) after about eight or nine years. It can't read the SACD layer on Hybrid CD/SACD discs any more. A common problem, from what I've read. I tried everything, cleaning the lens, blowing out the dust, calling Sony. I give up. I have a backup Sony SCD-CD595, but it's definitely a step down in sound. So... I need an inexpensive SACD player. Any opinions on the Cambridge Audio DVD89 as an audio player? How about Pioneer Elite stuff? Is there a decent player for under $400? Your experiences, opinions appreciated.
The Pioneer Elite DV-79 is a good player. It has the AIR studios enhancement. You may find an Oppo BDP-83 used for around that price. It's a very good player and both it and the Pioneer will also have the added benefit of DVD Audio. The Oppo will also do Bluray.
another option would be to keep your backup sony as a transport and add a good dac like the cambridge dacmagic or mf v-dac (both within your budget)--this will markedly improve the sound. if you need dvd functionality, i'd also opt for oppo.
Hi -- I forgot to mention that this is for use in a music-only system. No video.

Loomisjohnson -- How would I connect the DSD output from SACD to a DAC? I know about CD, and a DAC is a great idea for redbook CD (PCM digital), but there's only analog out for the DSD (SACD). Actually, if the V-DAC transforms my CD collection into the equal of what the analog SACD output was from the SCD-CE775, then I'd be happy with that. (I like SACD a lot compared to the CD playback I'm used to.) That would make sense, since I have a couple thousand CD's collected over the years, and maybe 20 SACD's. Actually, considering it can be done for only ~$300, it sounds like I'd want to get something like the V-DAC in general.

Rwwear -- I've never heard the AIR enhancement. Do you think that makes a difference? There are some older Pioneer Elite CD/SACD players around that might work. Were they pretty good? What about the Denon DVD-2910? I've seen a couple for sale here. Seemed to be well regarded.

Thanks again for the input.
I was going to suggest a used Denon 3910. A lot of them seem to be coming on the market now. They're well built and sound very good at their price.

If what you're interested in is SACD playback adding an external DAC won't do you any good.
you're correct--the sony would only output redbook, not SACD to the dac. i believe there are a few players that will output DSD over HDMI as well as a number that will output DSD over iLink, firewire or other uncommon interfaces, but you're talking much bigger bucks. essentially, if you kept the sony, you'd connect digitally to a dac and use the analog outs of the sony directly to your amp for sacd.
all that said, then, the denon 2910/3910 are genuinely great sounding players with very good inboard dacs--not the most reliable, but i see 'em used for as low as $150 or so, so that might be a way to go. i personally own a pio elite 59, which is very competent, and also a good inexpensive choice, though i prefered the denon for music
The AIR studios enhancement is standard on the Elite DV-79 and I believe it is also standard on the newer DV-58. I really can't say if it works because I've never heard it without it. But mine sounds as good on SACD as my Denon 5910CI. The Oppo sounds better than both on SACD though. I have all three.
maybe a stupid idea but how about a PS3 and a puny monitor? SACD, DVD audio, cd and internet wireless streaming tossed in for free. have not heard SACD but the bluray performance is really good so the transport does not suck. For $500 you can get what youwant plus streaming and a 120GB HDD.

sorry of its a dumb idea for your use.


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