SACD player as CD transport?

Does anyone have experience using any of the SACD players as a transport for CD playback in combination with an external DAC? How good is it? Because if it's decent in this capacity, seems like you could have the best of both worlds, using it as a transport for 16/44 CDs (but getting the benefits of your DAC, assuming it's better than the SACD) and as a fully-integrated player for SACD software. I know the Sony SCD-1 has coax digital out (CD only), not sure about other models. Thanks.
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I'm using the NBS Statement Power cord on my SCD-1. It made a huge improvement on the "dark and detail" issue! I've found the balance to be excellant, and the base is tighter and deeper to boot. J.D.
Hmmm. I've tried both a Black Mamba and a Custom House Model 11, or whatever it's called. Not much difference. I'll see if I can get hold of an NBS cord sometime.
"Audiocrazed" posted some improvments on Audio Asylum saying he installed Caddock and Vishay resistors on the 777. I know little about electronics but I have a feeling there is something in the internals of the Sony that contributes to the nature of the sound you describe. His description of the sound improvements sound promising. This tweak thing for the 777 may be worth pursuing. I do know jerking around with power cords will waste your time and make someone else rich-especially if you already use a quality cord.