San Antonio, TX

You gotta be kidding, there's no fellow San Antonian Audiogon'ers???? Trying to find locals here to share audio and listen to new equipment.

Hi, I hear your frustration, I moved to S.A. from Seattle and I'm still recovering from the shock. Can't find a good vinyl record store, and looking for equipment is very hard. Love to get together.

both me (lazarus28) and my brother (jposs) are san antonians.

what do you have in mind? feel free to send me a PM.

whew! i thought i was the only audio enthusiast from SA around here :-)

well we should PM each other or just chat away here too. maybe we can eventually setup a get together and talk about our toys
I still fondly remember Bill Case Sound on Broadway in the late 60's - early 70's. Where I first learned about McIntosh, Tandberg and Dahlquist.

well that was a tad before i could get into audio ;-)

I wish there were nice stereo shops around here, instead of the big box, and wanna be high-end bjorn's
If anyone is up for a meet, email either myself, or my brother (lazarus28), preferably me, and we can get one organized.

Wayyy off the Audio topic but, "Live from the Landing" on PBS radio is one of the very best big band/early Jazz programs on radio...and it comes from S. A.,. Also, most of us in the
Big Ten feel the Alamo Bowl is one of the GREAT Bowls for a Big Ten team to be part of...esp. the fans with the River Walk and the great places to eat.

Enjoy your city...

The Landing (at the Hyatt hotel on the riverwalk) is one of my favorite places to go. i love big band/early jazz and it's the only live venue for it. Jim Cullins is great.

Yes the Alamo Bowl is a great Bowl. We really like it here, and also the Final Four/Elite Eight college basketball is here every 4-6 yrs as well.

Living here you don't see it that way sometimes but it's a great city.

as for great music stores and high end audio stores. forget it.. that doesn't exist in san antonio :-)
We may not have the record or audio stores (there are 3 audio stores worth visiting, and one is a mans home), but we are a short drive to Austin which has both in spades.
I just stumbled accross this post. I, too would be interested in a group get-together, compare gear, music, etc.

James Jennings
NW San Antonio
Somewhat short notice, but we Jordan and I were talking about having a meetup at his house on Wednesday February 23rd. If any of you are interested, please either email me or leave a post here.

Justin Poss
I joined Jordan and Justin last night to check out Jordan's system (very nice) and play an assortment of favorites in Redbook and SACD multi-channel (oh and drink beer). Thanks for having me over guys. Anyone in the area who missed should join us next time.

it's good to see you on this board. there are many people that work at bjorns that are well informed in the audio/video world. but since you're here i know you are ;-)
I plan on sending an email to all that have either replied to this thread, or have sent me an email expressing interest in attending our next meeting. Unfortunately I am a complete moron and deleted some of those emails last week. I suggest having another meeting on Wednesday, April 6th. Jordan (Lazarus28) has graciously offered to host again, but we are certainly open to anyone else that would like to offer up a place. We are also able to host at our offices, since we have a few more systems there to play with as well. Anyone that has recomendations for an agenda, please feel free to put in your two cents. Regardless of the agenda, we will have fun and listen to great music.


Justin Poss
Live in Cibolo. Basically right off of I-35 across from the big Garden Ridge place.
Just ran across this post. I am in S.A. from Detroit and I thought no one here with the exception of a few Bjorners have any interest in audio at all. Glad I was wrong.
Interesting to run across this thread. Im also from the Detroit area but it was a long time ago. I live out in the hill country about 50 miles north of down town.
I've met several ex-bjorners and found Parth from Audio Concepts in Houston has moved to the SA area.
back in SA after many travels. Building my new system. Maybe we can get this thread going again
I realize I missed the last one, but should we try and do this again? Scanning the list of those who have posted on this thread to date, we have the makings of a decent size gathering. Who's interested? I can host and live off I-10 just past Camp Bullis road. My system does not approach Justin and Jordan's who are easily talked into hosting as well.
I have relocated to San Antonio, my question is, would other members be interested in a San Antonio record show? I have found many people who like to buy Lp's but in san Antonio, there are no good shops.
Heads up, another meet at my place. I don't have the date yet but it will be some time in January. I'll post the date and map on once it is set.
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