San Diego, County

Just wanted anyone who is interested that we are going to start a new audioplile and videophile club in the South West Riverside, and North East San Diego County area.

Please stay tuned as things develop.

If you are interested, please call Jeff Parks or e-mail him through AudiogoN as blissaudio. My phone number is (909) 461-0775 and e-mail is

Take and I am looking forward to hearing from all interested paries.

Jeff Parks

Jeff, you can consider this an RSVP. I will be moving from Connecticut out to Temecula by end of July. I'll be looking you up.

Happy Listening, Ed.
The San Diego Music and Audio Guild has monthly meetings which are open to all. The meetings are usually held at local San Diego High End stores or at manufacturer's facilities. We try to keep the meetings on the second Wednesday of the month, but it does change to facilitate the schedules of our guest speakers.

A $3 charge is made at the door to cover the cost of refreshments.

To get on the mailing list you need to attend one meeting. For information about upcoming meetings contact
Hi everyone,

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you all. The SD/Riverside County Audio club is not a go. With too much to do as an audio reviewer, I just don't have the time. Please contact the following audio clubs for more information.

San Diego Club--Contact Stereo Unlimited on Sports Arena Blvd in San Diego. Don't know too much about it so you may want to contact above for more information.

Riverside County Club--Contact California Audiophile Society (a club I founded in 1999) William Franklin at is your contact person. Since I founded this club in 1999, its membership though consistant has stayed small with about 10-15 active members. It is more like a listening group than an actual club. But, a fun group none the less. Has a killer annual Barbeque in August.


LA-OC club--Contact Bob Levi at He is the founding president and your best contact person. LA-OC is a hellofa club with over 100 paying members, and is becoming one of the best in the country. Bob being a top excutive at TNT broadcasting has really helped this once fledging club grow into quite a force. Last month they held a seminar with Richard Vandersteen himself. This month they will be going to Manley Labs where a Shrimp Phono Stage ($1800) retail will be raffled off. There is always something happening with this club.

Hope that helps,

Everything Jeff Parks said above is abolutly true, except that Bill is no longer the contact, and we are now called the Inland Empire Audiophiles Society. We are still a reasonably small group, but very fun group.

The Inland Empire Audiophiles Society is a listening group of audiophiles in Southern California. Our meetings are hosted once a month, on the Saturday closest to the 15th. Almost all of our meetings are held in member's homes, with locations in Riverside, San Bernardino and LA counties. We have a very diverse group where everyone seems to be on a different path to audio nirvana. Please contact me by email for next month's location.
June 2010
San Diego Music and Audio Guild
The only active audio club in San Diego County.

Info at

Add yourself to the list at
Hi everyone,

Here is the latest regarding an audiophile club that may develop in North San Diego to Southwest Riverside Counties. 11 years ago I founded the California Audiophile Socitey (CAS). At one point we were a very active group of over 30+ members. Today with several changes in the club's leadership, my leaving CAS to review high end audio products for PFO since 2004, the passing of Les Mertz the club's co-founder, the club has now fizzled in the oblivion. However, I do miss the club and the comradship of its friends. With San Diego's club meeting near the Sports Arena in SD, and Bob Levi's club LAOC mostly meeting in the Greater LA area, I think it is time once again to resurect this club. We need a local club IMHO.

So, with that said, I am going to promote the beginning of a audiophile club once again. This time though if we are to do this, we need "active" members willing to participate, host, and help create meetings. That is what truly makes an audiophile club great. If this is something that strikes you, I can be reached at....

(951) 746-2926