Satisfaction report on Klipsch

I started my system with a McIntosh MC225 that had been rebuilt and sold by Tom at McIntosh audio.  I also purchases a C220 McIntosh preamp.  I play CDs and stream digital music.  I started with a pair of Klipsch RF 82s.  From the moment I turned them on listening to Nat King Cole sing Unbelievable, I was disappointed.  I used those speakers though and enjoyed them for several years.  I eventually found a pair of used RF 7s in nice shape, sold the 82s and was impressed with the 7s.  However, I was still not satisfied and just did not feel like I was at the concert.  Jist recently I bought a pair of really nice Chorus IIs off Audiogon.  I am happy to report, that they have finally taken me to where I needed to be. I use a Mac book air and a Dragonfly Black DAC. 
If you had 2 pairs of Klipsch speakers that were disappointing, why do you stick with the brand? There are thousands of speakers to choose from. Life is too short.
I was disappointed.  I used those speakers though and enjoyed them for several years.

So you were disappointed with the speakers, but you enjoyed them for several years. There's so much WTF going on in your post, it's hard to know where to begin........

Welcome to the 'Gon. The Chorus IIs are, imo, a much more satisfying experience of that " live " sound that some Klipsch models can deliver, over say the 82's and the 7's, as you experienced. I am not sure why the negativity of the 2 above posters. As you continue reading the threads here, you will find that I am an advocate of Klipsch Heritage, with years of experience with the brand. Just so you know, I feel, the Chorus IIs are a more satisfying speaker, to those speakers, the two above posters use. ymmv....Enjoy ! MrD.
I am not sure why the negativity of the 2 above posters.

How was I being negative? He made a statement that was contradictory. It wouldn't matter if the subject speaker was Klipsch or if it was Wilson. It was a stupid sentence that didn't make any sense. Nothing negative about my comment, just stating the obvious. BTW, if you think I was throwing klipsch under the bus, or some such nonsense as that, then you don't remember that I've always been a Klipsch Heritage fan around here too.


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Reading comprehension not your thing? It's ok. Don't be ashamed, it's not for everyone. But just for the sake of, well just for the sake of doing it, why not go back and read my post again. Maybe it will make more sense the second time.

What an asshole contributor

Oh, and welcome to the forum. Nice way to introduce yourself.....
To further illustrate the moronic comment if Ozzy who... there is nothing contradictory about staying with a brand while moving up the model list til you get where tou wanted to go.  I did that with the planes Ive owned too.  Piper Cheeokee, then Comanche then twin I own  a Baron.  I hate it when stupid peope get my BP up.
ill just leave the forum and leave it to the brainless ozzy to run as he sees fit
Ok brainwave.

You said you owned RF82s for many years and enjoyed them. And they disappointed you "from the moment I turned them on".

Try to keep up.

ozzy, I knew what he was saying. I feel you were way out of line, and it does not matter what you think of Klipsch. Just another audiophile / music listener, stating facts about really liking something, but " not quite there yet ". Find a poster here, that in different words, says anything differently. Changing this, changing that...waiting to change this or that. Why did I understand where he was coming from, but both you and stereo jumped down his throat. I am a very educated guy, so if you pull that crap with me, you better look in the mirror. No excuse for your response.......have a good day.
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Guys, I would not give @warrenwhiz any more attention. I found his post very unclear and misleading. It isn’t a good way to start here by calling someone an a hole. An apology is due here.