Savant home automation systems w/ Conrad Johnson

Hi audiogoners

I am in the market for a new tube preamp, upgrading from my current MA8000 integrated, and one slightly limiting caveat is that it needs to (like the Mc) be able to communicate with Savant (a Crestron alternative). I am wondering if anyone has ever tried to use any type of home automation, Savant/Crestron/etc. with a Conrad Johnson preamp?
Apparently the Audio Reference preamps will talk with Savant fluently, on/off capabilities, input switching and volume control. As such the ARC Ref 6 is what I'm most heavily debating getting instead of the GAT, which I recently listened to and is responsible for the best sound I've ever heard.
My AV guys tell me that it seems Savant would be able to control volume with CJ, but nothing else, which wouldn't be too bad. AFAIK this really takes many manufacturers that I'd otherwise have interest in, Jadis, VAC, Allnic, out of contention. Would love to hear if anyone's had any experience with this!
P.S. of course McIntosh is on the table with respect to Savant capability, but I feel like CJ or ARC would be a nice upgrade as far as tube preamps go.
Unfortunately you need serial or ethernet control with systems like Savant and Crestron for full control but if it can learn commands you should be able to do volume and input.   Call Savant they can tell you exactly what is possible