Saw John Prine a couple weeks ago, WOW

Wow! I saw John Prince a couple of weeks ago and was really blown away. I've been a fan for many years, but never had a good opportunity to see him live. The wait was well worth it!

I don't know how old John Prine is, but he has definately "still got it"! He had a small band composed of a lead guitarist, a bass player (mostly upright) and himself on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. The band was very good and JP was tremendous on vocals and hot, hot, hot on rhythm guitar.

If you have any interest in singer/songwriter, alt-country, Americana, billy rock or whatever you want to call it, do yourself a favor and go see John Prine before he hangs it up. It's a real treat!


He almost hung it up forever when he got bone cancer in his jaw! I still can't believe he made such an amazing recovery, but I'm sure glad he did! I think he's 60+.
Always one of my favorites. Songs about life wonderfully imaged with liberal doses of cyncical humor and painful truths woven in.

Saw him in an outdoor venue on a Spring day in the late 70's. Two hours of rare enthrallment capturing both my musical bent and imagination.
BTW, I think JP played all of his most recent (and most excellent!) Fair & Square record during the show. I can't believe John Prine was actually given a grammy for this record. It just goes to show that there are some real music fans n the grammy selection committee!

Well done Johnboy! From one KY boy to another, "All the Best!".....