Schiit Loki + as Loudness Button Only

I am wondering if the Schiit Loki plus could help me during the times that I am just casually playing music at low volume because wife and I reading morning news I would like to recreate the Old Loudness button for a little more punch without raising volume. I am not trying to fix bad recordings and I know I'm altering the music quality just looking for some help. Also, is there enough correction with the Loki+ 4 band or do I need the Lokius 6 band eq?


I would think the 4 band would work fine for this application. You just need a little boost on each end, should do the job.


It would work well.  Set up bands to your liking and us by-pass switch to engage at low levels.  Loki built well and quiet.  You can pick up used around a hunski!

Do it!!