Schiit Modi 3 with Google Pixel 3

Good evening to you all. I have just purchased a Schiit Modi 3 to add to my system. I do stream most of my music using Tidal and was seeking to improve the quality with this outboard DAC. My Parasound preamp does not have a built-in DAC. Sadly my music source (laptop) just died. I'm now trying to figure out how to stream Tidal from my Pixel 3.  It's my only option right now. I've tried going directly from the USB-c port on my phone to the micro USB on the Schiit Modi but it comes through with very distorted sound. I have used the dongle as that only allows a headphone jack output and I don't think there's a cable for 3.50 headphone to micro USB. I'm unclear whether or not I can go directly out of the USB-c on my phone directly to the Modi or if the phones built-in DAC is interfering with the Modi..??? Or something else perhaps.  Thank you in advance! 
I am in the process of doing the same basic thing. I’m using a LG V30 phone and am going to hook it up with a usb C to usb B cable to my Wyred 4 Sound DAC2. It is supposed to work fine. Keep in mind that the headphone jack on most devices is an analog output. You must use the micro usb which is the digital output. They do make the cable you need. I just orderd an Audioquest cable and they do have a micro usb to usb A or B depending on what the usb input on your DAC is. I have also order a Wyred 4 Sound Recovery USB reclocker which should really improve the performance over the stock phone. I talked to EJ the owner of Wyred and he confirmed that it should work great.
PS. To answer your question directly, yes it should work fine. And it may even sound better than your computer. I currently am using a Wyred 4 Sound bLink which is a digital reclocker for SPIDF (optical/RCA) outputs and it also has blue tooth that I use to stream from my tablet and phone. And I have to say it sounds fantastic! Im hoping that a direct wired connection will be even better. My LG V30 handles hi res streaming so should sound great. You may just be surprised. Good luck!
I just looked up the Modi 3. Doesn't the included cable fit your phone? It's usb micro on the phone end and usb-C on the DAC end. usb micro and usb-C are very similar but not the same. If it doesn't fit then you probably need a usb-C to usb-C cable. Hope this helps. My cable should be here today and I will post back here and let you know how it works.
Thank you for your suggestions. Yes, the supplied cord that came with the Modi 3 would work to connect my Pixel but I need to use it to power the Modi as I have a CD player also connected by the digital coaxial audio cable.  Has anybody used any of the audioquest USB cables for the interface between your phone and DAC? The Wyred idea is also plausible but I already have the Modi DAC.  Unless you are suggesting this in addition to the Modi. 
Yes in addition. It cleans up the usb signal feeding the dac a more pure signal to work with. Check the reviews linked on there web site. Very positive! I just got my cable and an trying to learn how to configure the phone to output audio over usb. Let you know how it goes. Im learning about this just now myself. Been researching it for a week now.
Though its not needed and can be added later. They are having a special on them right now though. $125. Reg $200.
Alright I'm still working through this. I found out that we need what's called an "O.T.G usb cable" stands for "On The Go". Its different than just an adapter cable. I just ordered one this morning after doing some more research. I tried using my $150. Audioquest Carbon usb C to male usb B adapter cable but it doesn't work. Now I have to return it. Just ordered a cheap OTG adapter cable form Amazon. Will see if I can make that work before trying to find a better quality cable. My Wyred 4 Sound Recovery came today also. I'm really hoping I can make this work. I have not heard of anyone else trying this so it's an experiment for me. Stay tuned.
Thank you for your feedback. I too just ordered an audioquest USB to micro cable with the Dragontail adapter to go from the USB A to C for my Pixel 3 output. I'm curious as to why yours didn't work..?? I've been using the supplied cable that came with the Modi 3 DAC and an iFi adapter in the interim and it's working just fine (although the supplied cable probably is not great quality). Are you suggesting that there is some difference between the audioquest cable you're trying to use and the OTG cables?  Or, was your audioquest carbon cable just a wrong fit/type?  Thank you 
It's my understanding that OTG cables are different somehow. EJ at Wyred 4 Sound even mentioned that I would probably need an OTG cable. That was before I had even heard of OTG cables.  Not understanding the difference I went ahead and ordered the AQ Carbon that I now have no use for.

But with the AQ cable there was no comunication with the phone and DAC. It seems the OTG cable activates the "audio over usb" output from the phone whereas the standard usb cable does not. Computer stuff is so complicated sometimes! Anyway me OTG cable should be here tomorrow (Mon) and I will post how it goes.
Now maybe there is a difference between usb type C connections and usb Micro. That may be it. Glad you got it working.
So after some more research it looks like that Audioquest Dragon Tail you have is an OTG cable. So you should be all set. I also found iFi Audio makes an audiophile grade OTG cable very similar to the A.Q. Its supposed to be more flexible than the Dragon tail which many complain is to stiff. Anyway good luck and have fun!
I did buy the iFi adapter that is the equivalent of the AQ Dragontail (but it has a male USB-A end) and it streams music just fine with the Modi's supplied cord to my Android device. I also ordered an Apple camera adapter to hook to the iFi cord and will try that out with my iPhone.  It's not an OTG cord I don't think but hopefully it will work. 
Good I'm glad you are able to make it work. Unfortunately I have not been able to get mine to work. After talking to Wyred 4 Sound again they think it may be that my DAC2 is too old. E.J says he knows that the newer versions work as he has done it. It is about ten years old now. Looks like I have an other reason to send it in to be upgraded to the latest version. I have been wanting to do that anyway.