Schitt Bifrost or Jolida FX tube dac?

I'm not sure what direction to go... My system consists of an iPod touch on the Cambridge Audio ID100 dock, DH Labs dh75 coaxial into a sac that is yet to be chosen... The dac will go through Goertz Micropearl Copper into an Nad 326 Bee... From there it goes through Goertz Mi2 Veracity Copper into Psb B6's... I had my mind made up on the Bifrost sac until I came across the Jolida... I'm not sure which way to go... Is the Jolida a good step up or no? Any suggestions will be appreciated... Thanks in advance...
Sorry for the misspell... I'm using my iPod right now... My laptop just shipped back to Asus yesterday because of a wifi disconnectivity problem...
Never heard the Jolida, but I have the Schiit Bifrost in my headphone rig and I find it to be excellent. Very transparent. Had to beat for the price.
Hi Leo

Are you going to be getting the newer Jolida Glass FX Tube 2 or the old version? I believe the newer version has 24/192 via USB while the older version has 24/96 over USB. I think there are more differences but I'm waiting for confirmation from Jolida in MD. Maybe there is a local Jolida dealer by you that can seek advice from.

I have the version 1 Jolida Glass FX Tube DAC and I’m happy with it but with GE JAN 5751 tubes in place of the 12AX7 tubes. With various NOS 12AX7 from the 70s or even newer Tung Sol 12AX7 reissues I found the sound to be a bit unnatural in the highs in my system. I was streaming various music from my Dell Netbook to the Jolida with a premium Belkin USB cable. My preamp is an Accuphase C200 that is almost as good as new. The good thing is with the Jolida you can tailor the sound to your taste by acquiring all sorts of 12AX7 type tubes.

Best of luck with the search. Both companies are good. I’ve contacted Schiit with all sorts of DAC and headphone amp questions in the past before and they were nice to me. I had my eye on the Gungnir DAC but am waiting for their next round of tube headphone amps and hopefully they have a tube dac in the works.
I appreciate the responses... As far as USB goes, unfortunately I had to rule out the use of USB and rule out the use of my laptop... I had a vdac ii hooked up to my asus through USB and I had popping and clicking issues... I had tried another vdac ii and the problem was still there... Last week I bought the Cambridge Audio ID100 iPod/ iPad dock and I'm loving it... I just need a good dac for it now... Temporarily I'm using a cheap parts express $36 dac that I got earlier in time for my flat screen tv... And yes, I got what I paid for... Thanks again for the responses guys... It's much appreciated...
Hi Leorousseau.

If your looking for a Dac, I would go with the Bifrost. It was made by the same person who designed and made the Dac I'm using, Mike Moffitt. I have a Angstrom 200. It is a preamp , processor, DAC in one. It is outstanding as a DAC. If you see one for sale buy it. Or buy the newer Bifrost that you have your eye on. I have 4 players hooked up to the Angstrom 200's digital outputs and they all sound very good to outstanding (to me). Mike Moffitt knows what he is doing when it come to DAC's. I am using a DH Labs D75 as well (good chioce).
Thanks a lot buddy... I am gonna go with the bifrost... It looks like that is the one that everybody praises so much... I'm gonna order it this week... Yeah, I researched the dh-75 and all the others and it seams for the money that it's the cable of choice...