Schumann's Piano Quartet / Piano Quintet

I just watched a "Great Performance" show on PBS about Robert Schumann's life with mental illness, and featured was his two pieces, the Piano Quartet and Piano Quintet. Both pieces were splendid snippets of his music; however, I am not familiar with them, and so can anyone enlighten me as to the best cd to buy of these works? 


I can recommend the piano quartet as performed by The Florestan Trio with Thomas Riebl and recorded by Hyperion. It is accompanied by two of Schumann’s works for Piano, Fantasiestucke and Piano Trio #3. If you like the piano trio I can also recommend Trio #1 and #2 also by the Florestan Trio on Hyperion.

I don’t know if these are the ’best’ versions but they were highly regarded by others, not necessarily audiophiles though. I liked them quite a bit (or I wouldn’t have mentioned them).