Scorpio Records catalog?

Does anyone which reissues they do? To be fair, I don't own any but my vinyl friends tell me to avoid the Blue Notes.
I was looking at an Impulse reissue and found out it was done by Scorpio too so I passed.
It's not easy to discern Scorpio reissues and I can find nothing on them on the web. Anybody know what they do? Can they be that bad?
Google Scorpio LPs and check out the Princeton Record Exchange Link. Only
thing I could find. Dave
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Great. Thanks for the info.
I'm going to write them and see if they send me a catalog.
I received a lengthy spreadsheet from Scorpio and was surprised to see some OJCs on the list. So OJC did reissues of Riverside, Presitge, etc. Scorpio then does reissues of these OJC reissues? I guess I'm confused because Scorpio reissues are marked OJC on the back. Why would they make a reissue that looks like a previous reissue rather than the original?
Am I missing something?