Screw dimensions for fastening SP 10/25 to the plinth

I own an ''old plinth'' for SP10&25 . To fasten the TT to the plint 5 screws (metric) are needed. Does
anybody (Lewm?) knows their dimensions? 
34mm length of the bolt, about 5mm head on top of it
about 4,5mm diameter

I am using standard ruler, maybe it’s not 100% precise

But those screws available in stores, pretty much standard, i bought a set of them (black color) for my ex SP10mkII in the local shop. Thye are fine for obsidian plinth. 
Thanks chakster, when I got ''Obsidian plinth'' I used the screws 
from my old plinth ( SH-10 B4) to fasten my (new) Sp 10,mk2.