Searching for a Pre-Amp??

I'm in the market for a tube preamp to match up with a Blue Circle BC 24 hybrid stereo power amp. I already have a good idea of what Blue Circle preamps would be great, but I'd also like to get an idea out side the company of what might suit this amp. $1500- $2K used or new.

System: DVD/nosDAC combo > ???? > BC24 > GMA Callistos.

Thank you to all who resond!
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Having owned one, I would suggest the Modwright 9.0 SE.
Exceptional build quality,very musical and priced favourably.
What kind of sound are you looking for?

You may like a Joule LA-100III that I have for sale here.
I am not familiar with the Blue Cicle stuff.
Stay out of trouble I have get myself into : ARC pre-amp will make POP and crack sound when mute function is on or volume up and dowm at low level if your power amp are not ARC designed.
The Joule LA-100 MkIII is a good preamp to look into if you want something slightly warm and very musical. It is in your price range used.
I would highly recommend a AR SP 16 around that price. I own a SP 14 and I am very pleased.
I would also suggest a used VAC Standard LE pre. Had one and loved it. Very resolving and musical along with bulletproof build quality and support. Can be had for about $2K used w/o phono if you look carefully.