Seas Excel Magnesium Drivers - Warm Sounding?

I own Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature Monitors using two 7" Seas Excel drivers in a MTM configuration and really enjoy the spacious and precise sound. I will say they are a little on the warm side of neutral and a little laid back. I used to own Hales T5's which used a 5" Seas Excel driver but I don't remember that being as warm sounding in the lower midrange as the Tylers (I realize not an apples to apples comparison).

My question, is the Seas Excel an inherently warm sounding driver or would the crossover, cabinet construction, damping be contributing more to the warmth of this speaker?

This is a pretty popular driver (silver cone with copper phase plug) in a lot of very expensive speaker brands.

Thanks for your comments
What amp are you using, this will have a major effect on the sound of the speaker. My friend had the D-1s driven by an Ayon amps and they do not sound warm or laid back, I am not sure what drivers it uses. The crossover and cabinet have a large effect on any speaker which cannot be quantified without hearing a speaker using the same or similar drivers in a different cabinet with a different crossover.
Thanks for your comments. I think your last sentence is basically my question but you said it better. I'm looking for comments from people that have this driver in their speakers. For example I know Joseph Audio uses the Seas Excel in many of their products but I don't know if Joseph Audio would be considered a laid back or warm sounding speaker.

The D1's are part of the newer Tyler Decade line and they use proprietary drivers. The descriptions I have heard about the Decade line pretty much mirrors yours. In fact I have given strong consideration in giving D3's a try.

BTW the amps are a Mystere tubed integrated and ice amps in a Pioneer Elite receiver. Two very different types of amplification but still a little warm a laid back. The Mystere with the Linbrooks is really very nice.
I have a pair of Dantax Albatros 8 speakers.
The mid drivers are 7" Seas Excel magnesium and the two woofers in each are 8". These speakers are warm but by no means laid back. Very detailed with tight low end.
The seas tweeter is warmish. Scanspeak is different. It sounds more detailed. Both are excellent quality. The tweeter changes the entire personality of the speaker.

Hi -

Depends on how the crossover is used. I used to own the Taylo Monitors and they were the warmest-sounding speakers I've ever owned. I also owned the Linkwitz Orion and this sounded much more neutral and detailed than the Taylos. The BESLs also sound more neutral, which I prefer and these also use Seas Excels. For comparison, here's what I own/have owned:

ProAc Response 2.5 clone
North Creek Okara
ACI Jaguar 2000
Linkwitz Orion
BESL series 5 MTM (with seas excel mids/tweets)
Gedlee Harper

Hope this helps.