SEEKING ADVICE: Which component would you upgrade first?

This is my first post, so take it easy on me!

I have a modest analog system and would like to get recommendations on which component you would upgrade first for the biggest impact. Please use the existing components as a gauge for my budget (+/- a few hundo).

About me: I'm music lover. I'm a musician and recording engineer. I have a decent collection of old and new records, CDs, and tapes, which I listen to regularly. I appreciate good sounding recordings and have the experience to identify good and bad, but I'm not interested in mortgaging my home to upgrade my system.



Receiver: Pioneer SX-680

Turntable: Pioneer PL-112D

Speakers: Yamaha NS-1 and Pioneer HPM-100


What I love about the SpinClean is that I can give a record a quick clean if it has picked up a little dust. I do not use dry brushes. The SC detergent apparently grass the dirt out of the distilled water, thereby keeping it cleaner and necessitating less frequent changes. Note, all my records have either been SpinCleaned or been thru the US already. I bought additional (better, more absorbent) lint-free cloths which really speeds things up.

Asking for advice, also first time posting.

if you had my system (see below) what would you do to improve the system? Add more watts per channel?  Purchase power cords? And so forth. The audio system is in the living room with vaulted ceilings 26 feet high at the peak.  Listen to classical music and soft rock and country and some jazz.  Use both CD’s and vinyl.

System includes McIntosh: amp MC 202, 200 watts per channel 

C42 preamp, includes DAC and 8 band equalizer 

CD player MCD301

Tuner MR 85

streaming MB20

turntable Pro-next Classic SB

Equalizer Sound Shaper 3 paragraphic

RtoR Jcorder Technics RS 1520

speakers Spendor A5

cables audio quest 

panamax power protection and treatment

thank you for

any ideas from the group


Speakers speakers speakers x100! You have unlimited room for improvement with better speakers but you could buy $25000 worth of Mac or Krell and it’d sound a little better ,maybe. Second would be a dedicated phono stage followed by a good cartridge unless you have a good cartridge already 

@markley what are you missing? Obviously you can start with the speakers, but what are you expectations?

people are not paying attention

either to OP's budget (+/- a few hundo)

or his existing speakers, I looked them up

go to hifishark, check the prices asked for his Pioneer HPM-100 Speakers 

what the hell do you think would be better for a few hundro????

these speakers have Level Controls, giving the ability to adjust for both the space and OP's preference.

The receiver/tt/speakers certainly would reveal the improvement of a new cartridge, AND, the investment of a new cartridge can be moved to a new TT when ready.

Save money for quite a while before looking for better speakers