Seeking Bookshelf Recommendations

Looking for some new bookshelf speakers for a second system in a small bedroom.   The room is pretty well treated with 6 broadband absorption and 9 diffuser panels. I’m running Audio Mirror Reflection 45 mono blocks with a Canary preamp. Source will most likely be a Gustard R26 as both dac and streamer. I also have a pair of Rel t5i subs and Aperion dual firing super tweeters.  

Soundstaging and imaging are king for me. I want the biggest most dimensional sound I can afford.  My amp pairing is really smooth so I’m not looking for anything too warm.  I’d like something that is neutral but full in the lower mids and upper bass but also extended and airy in the treble.  My current Totem Arros do the soundstaging/imaging but are a little weak for me in the lower mids and upper bass.  Also I really value clarity and resolution as long as the magic isn’t lost of course. Basically I’m looking to have my cake and eat it too. My budget is around 3k and right now tops of my list are Fritz Carreras and Kef R3 metas. Also, Joseph Pulsars would be at the very top of my wish list but I’m trying to spend less unless it’s truly worth it.  Others that are lower on the list are Nola Boxers, Totem Signature Ones, Merlin TSM MMM, and maybe even one of the smaller Thiel floor standing speakers

As always I’m looking forward to everyone’s thoughts and hopefully there is at least a couple great speakers I’m missing. 


lots of choices here >>>

My list in the price range, including used would be Revel, Revival, Mofi and Sonner 


I’d have a look at Totem. They have several bookshelf speakers. I have a pair of Mites and a matching mini sub. They are wonderfully punchy and natural… beautifully crafted. Mine are cherry they are simply stunning and do great off center. Perfect for a spall bedroom.

Personally I’d wait for a nice used pair of the original Pulsars, and you’re obviously aware of why.  That said, I can’t see going wrong with the Fritz, Totem, or Ref 3a speakers given what you’re looking for and would add the Usher Dancer Mini X as another option well worth a look.  The Boxers might be a little on the warm side and the KEFs and Thiels would probably be a tough load for your amp.  Merlin and Thiel are obviously (and very sadly) out of business, and as the owner of speakers from a defunct manufacturer I can tell you it’s a precarious existence.  Living in constant fear of blowing a driver or some other mishap is not something I’d recommend especially when there are excellent alternatives like those above from companies that are still in business.  Hope this helps, and best of luck.

I was also going to suggest the Joseph Audio Pulsars - wonderfully musical, and they go down to about 40 Hz so they reproduce acoustic bass well.

I bought some used ones a few years ago at about 35% of list price (so 65% off).

You guys are making think I need to figure out how to get a set of Pulsars. Which is probably what I needed to hear. Otherwise I may just end up wondering what if. There is a couple pairs available but the asking price is more than I could spend. I’ve seen them around 3500 and that’s probably the most I could pay. If anybody’s looking to sell though definitely message me.