Seeking Budget CD Player Suggestions

I also posted this question in another forum. A friend of mine has an early 90s era Mac CD player which is on its last legs. Great player in its day, but he is on a budget (around $500) and needs to replace it, preferably new, dealer demo, open box, etc. Rotel CD-11 and Marantz CD-6007 have been suggested as top picks in that price range. Any other suggestions, ideas, reasoning for a particular model? If Rotel, would the Tribute or Mk. II edition be preferable? 


I would stay away from multidisc players

Cambridge Audio is generally good.

Marantz - flaky (mine broke twice in 6 years)

NAD and older Rotels - not the highest quality

Audiolab gets rave reviews

check out


Had an NAD C525 BEE for twenty years and it was a champ. You can find one now probably for less than $200. I also like the more recent Rotels - they sound great and seem to have quality parts.

A weird one: Nakamichi OMS-1A. Found one for $80. It sounds great and has the smoothest operating drawer I've ever experienced.