Seeking Rupert Neve Fidelice DAC experience

There's not a lot of chatter on the Fidelice DAC/pre (outside of Darko's YT review) and to a lesser extent Guttenburg's review, which didn't provide a lot of insight.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this unit. I'm mainly interested in it's DAC capabilities, and potential future use as a headphone amp. I'm not much into cans now, but am considering them as an alternative in the future.
wow i feel i am pretty 'up' on good dacs in the market... but i have never even heard about this one
I am sure its nice but its pricey......i have the Neve headphone amp....its a great piece.  But, if you look at the new Fidelice Headphone amp by Neve  it is my RNHP in an audiofool chassis... i think they have discovered that with some nice casework they can cash in on the home headphone Renaissance....

Is the Neve DAC really $5000 nice?  Who knows , but the Fidelice hewdphone and is $700 more than the RNHP and they look exactly the same o.n the inside
Thanks for your thoughts guys. After reading reviews on other forums it appears this unit is really built for the desktop/headphone user (within arms reach of the volume knob and rear mounted power switch) who need an all in one DAC/AMP/HEADPHONE unit, and not so much the 2 channel audiophile crowd. There’s a lot of functionality built in the would be wasted on someone looking strictly for a high quality DAC. Perhaps they’ll release a stand-alone DAC in the future?