Selling Aesthetix Pandora - What price?

Hi -

I'm selling my Aesthetix Pandora tube DAC. I've used it less than 100 hours. Losing my office to a family room, so am selling my setup.

What do you think it's worth? I recall paying north of $6K new.

Hi Paul, welcome to Audiogon.
Why don't you post an ad and find out what it's worth? Then you can tell us.
Folks can always guess, but in the end, it's worth what the market is willing to pay.
Well, a couple of factors are relevant: (1) digital equipment depreciates faster than most, if not all, other types of audio. That is working against you. (2) you have no sales feedback, so that is going to scare off some potential buyers, especially since this component is expensive. (3) Aesthetix digital, while fairly well-regarded, has never quite attained "flavor of the month" status and the Stereophile review was a bit lukewarm, especially regarding JA's measurements. The biggest positive is that these pieces don't come up for sale used often, so there might be a bit of a scarcity premium.

Be sure to post plenty of pictures, the serial number, the name of the dealer from whom you purchased it, and any other proof that you own it and are a trustworthy recipient of blind faith in a somewhat anonymous transaction. This is a ballpark guess: If it is in great condition and you are the first owner, you should be able to get about 60 percent of retail. Of course, you can list it at whatever price you want and then cut the price if there is no interest. I would not expect more, since in this price range, a lot of good DACs are available and many audiophiles are willing to pay retail to work with a dealer or to go direct to the manufacturers who allow customers to try before they buy.

If you are the second owner or there are other issues, expect less.
What is the associated gear? My thought was why only this piece? Also your credibility would be greatly improved if you hang around a little bit write a few posts etc. and make a few small purchases, (music, tweaks etc.) to give you some feedback
Actually this piece is highly regarded and is sought after. I would list it for $3975 -$4,000 as that would be the used price in great condition. Not having feedback will hurt.........but $3975 - $4,000 seems like a good and fair used price.

Highly respected unit. Give the serial number and show it. If you have a receipt, show it. Post many pictures. All of this will help if you have no feedback. Be willing to talk on the phone to help others feel comfortable with you. Share the units history, where purchased etc...
Well after researching clearance prices on Romulus cd players on A'gon, I decided to list my Romulus for $4200 obo (excellent condition, 2nd owner). My asking price is more than fair, however my example is 240v severely limiting potential buyers despite the fact the player can be easily switched to 110v.
The price new is $7,000- it would have to be desirable! I don't know what is fair and what is not, but an auction if well publicized, in the appropriate marketplace, will dictate what it is worth to someone else. (at that time etc. at least.)
I am curious about this question of a price which is "more than fair"?. How do you decide what is fair and what isn't? Are you taking a percentage of new?
Mechans, if you're not a member of Bluebook on this site (recommended), you can simply search for previous listings online by typing in app.audiogon Aesthetix Pandora and that will bring up all recent listings. I don't sell enough gear to warrant a subscription to bluebook, so that's what I do.
11-29-14: Mechans
I am curious about this question of a price which is "more than fair"?. How do you decide what is fair and what isn't?

Obviously "fair" cannot be determined by one party, it is a subjective term, just like "musical". What one thinks as "more than fair", another may well think as "less than fair".
I've subscribed to the Bluebook here long enough to realize how inaccurate it is. I don't subscribe anymore. Thanks for the Google search tip that is handy!

Is this the one you bought?
Hi John, negative. I bought a Romulus which is up for sale here atm. Yeah about $3800 for Pandora & $4k for Romulus is the going rate at the moment.
Ya, Bluebook is useless to be frank. I purchased a Romulus that was listed for $4500 last year. I paid $3700 shipped. The stand alone Pandora dac would sell for less than the full Romulus player. I figure $3975 is a good asking price.
Just an fyi I just dropped the price on my Aesthetix Romulus cdp to $3900 which is a flat out bargain for anyone looking for great bang for the buck. The player can be easily converted to 110v by an Audio Engineer.
That sounds like a fair price David, though I still think that Bill (Grannyring) got an even sweeter deal.

Good luck with your sale!!!
Cheers John! I checked the site & couldn't see any other examples for sale, so maybe his player already sold? Think that was quite heavily modified too. In any case, the last few players that sold on A'gon were all listed at much higher prices, so it's a good deal.
My unit is not for sale as I love it. After purchasing the stock unit it was upgraded to Signature status less the DSD upgrade. Outstanding player in every regard. I purchased mine from a dealer used.
No, I was talking about the deal he got posted previously on this thread:

12-01-14: Grannyring
Ya, Bluebook is useless to be frank. I purchased a Romulus that was listed for $4500 last year. I paid $3700 shipped.

Ok John, though it's not quite apples vs apples as the player I have for sale
is a 240v Australian delivery example. Also my player has very low hours &
is in excellent condition which should be taken into account.That said, i'm
asking $3900 obo, not $4500 so I think that's a fair deal.
Hi All -

Thanks for your responses!

Mechans - The reason I am selling it and not the rest of the setup is that I can use the other components elsewhere in my house. The Pandora is paired with an LFD and Harbeths. It's been a great setup, but again - I no longer have space for a large dedicated setup.

Thanks for all of the advice. I'll get it listed in the next couple of weeks with plenty of photos, receipt and serial number.

Kind regards,


12-06-14: Melbguy1
That said, i'm asking $3900 obo, not $4500 so I think that's a fair deal.

Seems like a fair price. Good luck with your sale David.
BTW - If anyone on this thread happens to want a Pandora - I'll take $3,500 for it, you pay shipping. I have all packaging, cords, manuals and original receipt.

Let me know!