Separate DAC and Streamer or go with a Streamer DAC?

My system as of today is an Unison Research Unico Secondo integrated amp, I stream throw a oppo 103 that goes thru a musical surroundings my dacii out to a pair of Focal Kanta 2s. Had a buddy lend me a Schitt ygg. DAC for half a day and noticed nice improvements in my sound quality so I wanted to upgrade my DAC. In doing some research I might be able to upgrade my DAC and streamer in the same move. So I have it narrowed down to two strong choices with a possible third, my budget for this is $2,500.  If I go the separate route it would be an Aqua La voce s2 DAC into an innuos Zenmini mkii. Streamer both used and one generation old. The beauty of this I can get into the Aqua lineup with the ability to upgrade to any current model down the road. Option number 2 is to get a lumin D2 new all in one unit. Obviously it's the newest version, it's simple 2 in 1 ( saves money on cables) but the hardware is not upgradeable if I'd ever want to switch it's a who new unit. A third option would be the ifi pro idsd DAC streamer combo.  So I'm looking for some guidance and what would be the smarter direction to go, I see plus and minuses in both routes. Thanks for your thoughts.
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I was advised that it is always better to separate components, if you are buying a quality product.  A separate phonostage is better than one integrated into the receiver or preamp, if you buy a good one.  Same with DAC and Streamer.  But, I do know there are some very high quality combo pieces of equipment out there, but at a cost.  
You sound like a separates guy. Innous is an excellent choice.
I am watching for the $4,200 Innous model to come along used.
My attitude towards hardware is to buy used, save money now and be prepared to upgrade when merited. We tested 2 of the DACs you are considering last month. Results are posted at
Best of luck!
Why not save money and go with the Bluesound Node 2i into an external DAC? If the Innuous app is like all others I've used, you'll be 10x happier with the BluOS and any sound quality difference in the streaming portion is absolutely negligible.  Maybe I have not seen the light yet, but I don't think it matters that much until you get to the DAC and the analog output section.   
Nice post! I used to be a separates guy and now look for minimal box solutions. Currently using a LUMIN T2 and very satisfied. The T2 would allow me to connect a DAC but I'm not feeling a need to go that way.