Setup CD + SPL for Vandersteen Quatro

hi guys, wld greatly appreciate if u could guide me where i can possibily purchase the 'original' setup guide CD + suitable SPL to tune the 11 band equalizer myself ...

'original' ie. relevant to the instructions of the manual of the vandertseen quatro ...

tks a lot ...
I think only dealers are given that CD, it is N/A. You might try one of the Stereophile test discs. The #1 disc, tests at 200Hz,160Hz,125Hz,100Hz,80Hz,63Hz,50Hz,40Hz,31.5Hz,25Hz and 20Hz and with a SPM from Radio Shack your in there.
Art, I use the Stereophile disk above and RS meter to adjust my 5As. Can take a couple hours (first time) but its not that hard.

I heard both that Vandersteen had a special disk to match the EQ bands and that it was just a just 1/3 octive print like the Stereophile disk. Don't know which, but this is a do it your self deal for a lot of people.

BTW the RS meter (use the analog model) over reads the level in the mid and low bass by a couple three db. The newest meter is much better on that front than the older one from ten or more years ago.

The Vandersteen setup disk has tones that match the 11 EQ bands on the speaker. While these are ideal for adjusting the EQ, the Stereophile 1/3 octave bands will do almost as good a job.

The setup disk also has the 1k and 100 hz tones which are critical to verify that the crossover point is properly set with the high pass filter. Setting the dip switches by using the amp manufacture's stated output impedance is not always the best setting to get you the 100 hz crossover point. This is a critical thing to get right if you want to maximize low end performance.

Hopefully at some point this year I will find time to generate such a test disk for home use.
You have to use the analog meter per Richard Vandersteen as I just spoke with him last week, my dads wood Quatro's have been moved into a new home so I am going to tune them soon. I am gonna use the Stereophile test disc I have aswell. Richard told me dont worry about the numbers being off on the meter, he explained there is no need to account for inaccuracy. The only thing he added was to start from the bottom and work up from there. When I try this myself I will share my experience.
So far I zero'd all settings and to get rid of a boom lowered the overall level of woofer and it sounds great but will only get better after a tune procedure.