Vandersteen 5/Quatro Owners...

Has anyone experimented with different power cords rather than the stock cords that come with the powered subwoofer? If so, what kind of results did you have? Is it worth it to change out to change out the stock cords?
See this thread.
I spoke to Richard Vandersteen at CES today and relayed this question. He said the PC on both the 5A and Quatro are excellent and recommends using them. Besides, they are the ones he used to "voice" the subs. I hope this helps.

I use Synergistc powered PC's w/ my Quatro's with awesome results. I tried some old XLO's I had laying around, no difference. definitley worth checking out.
My dad has the new Wood Quatro's getting installed this week, when I talked to Richard I didnt feel the need to play with cords.....I wonder for bass only just how much if any improovement you will even hear. Looks to me as if the best idea is keep the stock cables and spend that money where it will do more good.

Yeah, I used to think the same I let my ears be the judge. The conclusion I've arrived at on my system is this: the more resolving the entire system is the more everything matters....especially cables. Three things I've notice w/ the Synergistic powered power cords on my Quatros:

1. Better overall coherence from top to bottom.
2. BLACK silences...absolutely no noise.
3. At least one octave deeper bass.

IMO, you will be hard pressed to spend money to equal or surpass the above benefits (with nice speakers such as the Quatros) openminded on this matter -- you won't regret it.
I suppose after they loosen up some new cables could be tried, just not gonna loose any sleep over it....nor pay big bucks, my dad isnt really so much of an Audiophile but more a music lover and I am not sure how much more cash he wants to spend. As of now he sank an additional $40K so he might put the breaks on upgrades......right brain says stop the bleeding, left brain says if you spent this much you should spend a bit more to better performance, oh well.
Yea if I wasnt on Social Security I probably would lol, as it stands now I am thinking of buying him a Zerostat gun to play with.
Power cords for 5A. I have those speakers and when I asked Richard, he said they all change the sound, but that the originals that come with the unit are the ones to use. I am happy with them - tried others, but Richard's right.