SF Concertino vs Dynaudio Focus 140 vs VA Haydn

SF Concertino vs Dynaudio Focus 140 vs VA Haydn Grand

Which is easier to drive?
Which has better bass?
SF Concertino and Hayden Grand might be similar, according to various threads on this forum. And from what I have read, Haydn Grand is harder to driver than SF.

Is Dynaudio Focus 140 very boring and hard to drive?
Does Focus 140 prefer tube amp?
some on this forum have reported that Hayden Grand is very hard to drive. But it is of 89 dB sensitivity according to official site, compared to SF's 88 dB and Dynaudio's 86 dB.
I have heard all of them but at different times and with different systems. They all work with tubes but need lots of power. Dynaudio's are not boring. They sound best with solid state I think. Open sound with good bass. The Sonus Fabers sound great with tubes. They are a little leaner and drier but still have a warmth to them. The VA sounds a little more balanced to me than either of those other two. It is a tough choice really. All are good. If I had a 100 watt solid state amp I would probably choose the Dynaudios or the VA's. If I had a 50 watt or more tube amp I would go for the Sonus Fabers.
Mezzanine, is your 100Watt really enough for Dynaudio focus 140? It is rated at 4ohm and 86 dB sensitivity.
Keep in mind, the 4ohm impedance of any Dynaudio is a nominal 4ohm's, the Naim SuperNait for instance has more than enough current delivery to drive the Focus 140's and it is only 120 watts into 4ohm's.