GoldenEar T66 vs. Legacy Focus XD

Has anyone heard the Golden Ear T66 and been able to size it up to the Legacy Focus XD?  


we were s golden ear dealer we sellegacy currently.


they are very different tne legacys go.lower with warmer bass and are much more efficient and play louder the legacys use state of the art europen heil amt tweetersand midrange drivers the midrange is an Italien silk and graphite driver the legacys are hand made in the usa vs a China made product

Dave and Troy

Audio intellect nj


the golden ears are good the legacys are better in the ways listed

Noting how the new version of the Legacy Focus XD has built-in power for the lower bass drivers. And, for the top-end the "Recommended Amplification:1 channel of 10 watts minimum for bi-amping upper range"...

@audiotroy curious to know if have you tried really good mono tube amplifiers for the top end? What have you used and how did it go?