SGC OpticalRendu review

This will be a little tough to remember all my impressions since I've had this in my system for a few years, but here goes.
A long time ago in a galaxy far away...

I began trying to stream with the original "Bridge" card for my DAC, long ago but sorry to say it was very unreliable. 
Next I decided to give the Auralic streamer a try which was new at the time. It did a passable job, but also was not able to maintain a reliable connection. 
Along came the Bridge II card for the PS DAC which worked wonderfully but seemed to still be lacking in sound quality. 

I discovered Small Green Computer AKA Sonore and the UltraRendu. 
Great, reliable connection and very good sound which I lived with happily for a year or so until I could afford to try the OpticalRendu. I wrote the company and was told, yeah it should sound a little better. 
Way to undersell it!
It sounded a LOT better! Looking forward to seeing what they come out with next!