Sonore Opticalrendu vs Auralic Aries G1.1

I was hoping someone here had some direct experience with the opticalrendu and the Auralic Aries G1 or 1.1.  I'm narrowing down my streamer choice to go with my recently arrived Merason DAC1.  Comparisons to Innuos are also welcome as I have a Zenith MKIII in the house in a different system and I'm familiar the sound.  Not interested in anything that can't do Roon.    Thanks!


i would think they are both quite excellent, i think you would be happy with either - if you are a roon user, i would mention though that iirc some do believe that auralic handicaps sound quality slightly if roon is run through their streamers as a roon endpoint...

i personally have the optical rendu feed from the fmc port of an etherregen, sound is excellent -- tried network acoustic eno filter, barely perceptible difference in sq

Thanks for the input.  I'm going to see if I can set up a demo for the opticalrendu over the weekend.

While I don't own Auralic, I have a Zenith MK3 and also had an opticalRendu before I sold it. I compared the Zenith and opticalRendu side by side and found the Zenith to be better. They're both good but Zenith gets you much closer to the so-called "analog" sound signature than opticalRendu. Just my 2 cents.

The OpticalRendu is great streamer, especially if matched with OpticalModule (just became available again and top grade LPS on both. I use Uptone JS2 with my OR. Observe many others using Sonore optical equipment with top echelon streamers/servers for two computer setup. In my setup I vacillate between using my custom build streamer in one computer setup, in this mode streamer connected directly to dac via usb. In two computer setup custom build streamer connects to OM and OR, OR connects to dac. At the moment I'm preferring second setup with OR streaming Roon via Squeezelite.

Using a FMC in front of an OpticalRendu improves the sound by a little bit. I have 2 OpticalRendu’s in my office hooked up to 2 DAC’s, which are both connected to a Benchmark LA4 premap (and 1 DAC also connected to a tube amp).

I am able to do some side-by-side comparisons very easily. Especially when I use the GROUP stream option in ROON. One of my Optical Rendu’s does not have an FMC in front of it and the other one does. The one that has the FMC seems like a cleaner window into the music. It is not a lot but worth investigating since an FMC is not expense.

Only problem for me with FMC’s is 2 of them failed on me (cheap ones) so I am now using a spare EtherRegen in reverse order as an FMC. I think any reliable FMC will suffice.

BTW - The idea of using the FMC in front comes from Jon Swenson, the designer of the EtherRegen and OpticalRendu.

not sure i am following

the optical rendu by definition requires a fiber/optical input to feed it its digitized music signal... which it in turn converts back into electrical form, to be sent to the downstream dac via its usb output

so i am not sure how an opticalrendu can possibly be operated without an fiber media converter in front of it

another way of saying this is the defining difference between the optical rendu and its predecessor ultrarendu (or microrendu) is specifically the fact that it does the electrical-to-optical-and-then-back-to-electrical processing, in order to remove the electronically generated and transmitted noise from computer boards/chips, power supplies, network switches and so on...

@jjss49  You are correct. I believe yzzsantabarbara has fiber router or modem?

I mention the Sonore OpticalModule as it is an optimized FMC, with superior clocking and internal power supply vs the generics.

Micheal Lavorgna of Twittering Machines has review of Signature RenduOptical (OpticalRendu with built in LPS), he's had some top echelon dacs and streamers in his personal system, OR has improved every streamer/server and dac inserted into system. I hear exactly same improvements he does in this review,


Many individuals over at audiophilestyle forum also use OpticalRendu products with top echelon streaming setups, including Chris Connaker, founder of Computer Audiophile, now Audiophilestyle.

@jjss49 thanks for that last statement, I have been wondering if an Eno filter would improvement the already impressive performance of my opticalRendu. 

@badgerdms MAYBE useful, before the G1 came out, I compared a microRendu (without optical) vs. an Aurelic Aries which was more costly. Fortunately I had friends who brought both to my place, and we did an all day comparison. I bought the microRendu and later upgraded to opticalRendu. They were pretty close, but I found the Rendu more dynamic. For context rest of the rig was Soundlab A3s, Krell FBP-300 amp, BAT VK51SE preamp, Schitt Gungnir Multibit DAC. Cheers,


Awesome.  Thanks so much for all of the input.  I was leaning opticalRendu (and if I can afford it, maybe the Signature Rendu SE.

Quick update.  I found a good deal on a barely used Optical Rendu package (with the Sonore Optical Module and power supplies for both and all cabling), so I'm giving that a whirl.  I'll be anxious to compare it to my existing Innuos Zenith MKIII.  If it's as good as folks say, I'll take the plunge on upgrading the power supplies to (my go to) the LTA linear power supplies if I like it.