Shandling CD 3000 L2 with DEXA super clock tubes?

I bought a brand new modified unit from Chris Johnson at Parts. It has sound incredibly open and detailed top to buttom however I find the Russian Nos tubes the Reflextors are tad hard and clinical.Are there tubes that you have tried that tends to soften and create more bloom in the midrange.

Thanks Bill
I think you will find Mullards,Ediswan,Telefunken to sound better.
I found the Reflector tubes to be as you stated.I ended up with 7308 Sylvania tubes from the 60's that work beautifully in my Raysonic.
I have tried all the tubes I listed above and all sounded better than the Reflector to me.

Best of luck,
Its nice to see a post like this. I too have an uprade mod from Chris. A level 1+ $2200 on a T-200. It gives my $6000 analog rig some serious competition. Sometimes better sometimes not!!! I always like vinyl better. But I can live with this CD player. The headphone section is much improved I think or maybe it is a better match for the more forward aggressive Grados I have. I had a Senn 650 with a Mus Fidelity headphone amp before the upgrade. It was just too smooth and laid back. Did not have the Grados when i had the Mus Fidelity. To get back to your question. Chris put in Two WE 396A's. I dont know why they were not used in yours. Maybe not a match. have you broken in your player??? Mine sounded dark and dull when I first turned it on. I was patient and kept it running for days and the sound was transformed!!! I never had a component change that much. The WE's are better. I have switched them several times. Always go back to the WE's. I do like the Chinese tubes in the headphone section. Does the 300 have both tube and direct outputs????? I generally prefer the direct out put but favor the tubes stage on some CD's. I have cables for both plugged into my Adcom Preamp. That brings up another point may I mention. I have tried running it directly to my Bryston 4B SST and it sounds nice!! Not quite as good overall as the Adcom. I said not quite. It does have its on sonic signitures. Example. America's Venture Highway at the beginning. With CD into amp there is more ambience and stereo seperation. Through the Adcom in passive the sound is a little more extended in the higher frequencies but the ambience is not there. One thing I like about my Shanling is I have 4 players in one!!! 4 different sounds. Direct and tube through preamp. and then connected to amp. Also you can change tubes!!. Oh another thing. Power cable is important. I switched to a Pricey one and I went back to the original supplied. I also run it through a PS audio 1000 in the filtered outputs when I use it with the pre amp and tube wave when hooked up direct to amp. I heard you can upgrade your sound by disconnecting the volume control. Robert Harley from Stereophile Mag says you decrease your digital bit processing when you decrease the volume!!! Read it in his book. He says always run volume control all the way up and use preamp to control volume. My question is if you ever talk to Parts Connexion is to ask them would the diffence not be as great if you always leave volume on high. Anyway Im glad you put this post up. Mike
Thanks for the posts guys...very helpful.I think that I will email Chris on this as suggested.