Shanling SCD-T200 not reading discs

I bought a Shanling SCD-T200 in 2005 and it has performed flawlessly until recently. I am the original owner and no mods have been done. Everything seems to work except it began reading only some discs. Some discs I was able to play if I gave the disc a quick spin to start it, and now it will not read any disc. It gives me the error message no disc inserted. I am not an electronics expert. Has anyone had this problem? Is it fixable, or do I have a new, beautiful boat anchor? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I owned a T-200 that had the same problem. The laser mechanism is bad and needs to be replaced. 
As I remember, USA Tube Audio was a dealer. They still have an active website. Try to reach out to their service department, through the web page below, to see if they can repair it.....

Cleaning the laser could help. If then nothing changes is time for a laser replacement.

Lasers always seem to take the blame.  While that might be the problem, more often the problem is mechanical.  Sleds and pivot points get dry.  They need to be cleaned and lubed.  While you're at it clean the laser lens. Search the web.  I recall a great site that gave great advice on this exact type of thing.
Thank you one and all.
I have ordered a new laser assembly unit (cheaper than repairing the existing one, if that is even possible, and that will take care of any mechanical difficulties, hopefully) which should arrive in about 6 weeks.
I'll let you know when I get it and have it installed, whether it works or not.Many thanks for your help.