Sharing SACDs

Does anyone share SACDs with one another, obviously for ripping?  I was just curious of the ethics.  For example, if I discovered a great SACD and you were a friend, I would want to share it with you.  You might rip it and you might not.

If you shared an SACD with me and I liked it, but not to the point where I would go out and buy it, would it be all right if I made a copy for myself just to have in my library?

I'm interested in the opinions of others.  I am far removed from any audiophiles in my town.  None that I know of and I'm at least several hours away from any high-end stereo shops.



Is there a psychic in the house?

Unless you’re turning it into a “for profit” business I wouldn’t worry about it.

This turned out to be quite an interesting thread.  Thanks for all the opinions.