Sharing SACDs

Does anyone share SACDs with one another, obviously for ripping?  I was just curious of the ethics.  For example, if I discovered a great SACD and you were a friend, I would want to share it with you.  You might rip it and you might not.

If you shared an SACD with me and I liked it, but not to the point where I would go out and buy it, would it be all right if I made a copy for myself just to have in my library?

I'm interested in the opinions of others.  I am far removed from any audiophiles in my town.  None that I know of and I'm at least several hours away from any high-end stereo shops.


If you just share a CD (SACD), I think that is OK.  But, if you rip it then give it to someone else or the person you gave it to rips it, I believe that is illegal.  Just like you can't buy a CD, rip it, then sell it.

It's illegal I guess, but I never had a "moral" issue with doing it, and I've done it many times.

To me the important thing is that it is unethical to share and rip. It is… well, ripping off the artist and the company that produced it. Illegal is not the important point to me, although it is.

I am not condoning the practice myself either @ghdprentice , but if the person who made the copy for himself had no intention of ever purchasing the music, how does this become a loss to the artist?

It's much the same as the statistics that used to be published for the millions software companies lose due to piracy.  In my opinion, it is not an accurate consideration because it makes the assumption for example, all the people using Adobe products would have purchased them if they did not have pirated products.

I would never condone any "illegal" activities, but if one wanted to rip a "back up" copy of a SACD what would be a good piece of software?

I think it's also a question of numbers. I have never duplicated more than one of the same CD, and I never did it for profit. It was most often so I could have a back-up copy of a CD for my car, or sometimes because a friend asked for it.

Same here @roxy54 .  I rip all my CD and SACDs to my Aurender then put them in a box for storage.  My wife will discover them after I leave this world and sell them for $5 at a garage sale 🤣

 Rip it and enjoy it. No one here ever dubbed a cassette for a friend ? Should we all be arrested.? If you were selling copies and profiting its a different story. Let 'er rip.

I havent found a way to play SACD's thru my SACD player and run the signal into a DAC and then to my integrated.....DACS don't seem to like the SACD signal.Does anyone know of a way you can use an external Mid Fi DAC with a sacd player...

I have a ripper on my server but when I tried to rip a cd where does the file go? I couldn't find it. I'm using roon. How do I find it?

I guess I am old school back in the days when you 

bought a album and it was yours to do as you please

i don’t feel it is right for someone to try and control something you own

these bands go out on tour and make millions of dollars on tour and still they want 

more money by telling you their album or cd you bought and paid for cannot 

be copied

It might depend on whether the title is still in print. If it's not, there is no moral dilemma of any kind that I can see, and there aren't many SACD's coming out anymore or in print. 


Is there a psychic in the house?

Unless you’re turning it into a “for profit” business I wouldn’t worry about it.

This turned out to be quite an interesting thread.  Thanks for all the opinions.

OP… “but if the person who made the copy for himself had no intention of ever purchasing the music, how does this become a loss to the artist?”


To me, this comment gets to the heart of the difference between a respectful society based on “doing the right thing” and respecting individuals… an ethical one, and a legalistic rule based society without ethics or respect. The latter, you creep up to the line without regard to doing the right thing or respect for others. So you take advantage of others, and it is ok, because you did not break the law. The law is a poor substitute for respect of others and the source of so much disrespect and conflict. 


Actually @ghdprentice, it was a question not a comment and it was a question concerning loss, not ethics.  The reason I ask is because the record industry, software developers and the media have a tendency of conflating the problem.

You have no argument from me concerning respect and ethics.  I just don't see how Adobe or AutoCAD are losing millions to pirated software by users who would never have bought the software in the first place.  I ask the same question for the artist, ethics aside.

Someone took the position in an earlier post saying he paid for the music and he can do whatever he wants with it.  He opposed being told what he can and can't do with a product he bought.  You could split hairs and say when a used LP or CD ends up in a garage sale, used music store or DisCogs, the artist is still getting ripped off because someone is still making money off their efforts, even on the used, second hand market.

I would add that I was around when cassette tapes and portable tape players were invented.  The record companies when crazy, even testifying before Congress how taping of music from the radio, or dubbing from records, would completely decimate and destroy the music industry.


tomcarr is right. The GeerFab Audio D.BOB extracts DSD64 from SACDs and outputs to an external DAC that accepts DoP over coax. Legally.

why do think "copyright" has anything to do with what I am doing with the copy of music in particular format?  are you brain watched by FBI?
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In addendum any Rolling Stones album pre Sticky Fingers and any Beatles album is fair game because they were stolen by the devious Allen Klein and whose daughter now owns the early Stones albums, he sold the Beatles albums to the pedophile Michael Jackson.