Shengya,Kavent,Vincent -all the same

Just wondering what the scoop is?

Is Shengya the manufacturer and is Kavent and Vincent just re-named or Repackaged products by distributors.

I've seen some very interesting gear at the Shengya site

Kavent markets an integrated called the 320 and there is a cool looking cd player by Shengya called the cd-3.

There are other cd players by Kavent,Vincent and Shengya that look identical.

Anyone know the real deal
Don't know about Kavent, but do a search in discussion forums "vincent" and see my comments about Shengya Cd player I bought.

Looking alike doesn't mean sounding alike. Take the LSA integrated amps, which come in three versions, all based on the same chassis and faceplate. They range from $3200 to $9000. The differences are all on the inside. It seems logical to find a Chinese company that has an existing set of components and design within that framework than to pay for starting from scratch. The many modified components on the high-end market show that talented designers can "hot rod" even very good high-end components for improved performance. .
Would anyone know where to go to get service manuals or schematics for Shengya/Kavent/Vincent Audio gear? I'd like to know should I ever have an issue with my Kavent amp. Also I was trying to help a member here who is having an issue with his ShegYa SP-991 monoblocks. His tech couldn't figure out how to fix one of the monoblocks unless he had a schematic or service manual. Thanks
Zhongsan ShengYa Technological Co. Ltd maintains a modern twenty thousand square meter factory in Zhongshan, Guangdong and has been in operation since 1991. In 1995 the company broke into the European market with the establishment of Vincent Audio (Germany) with products under this brand subsequently gaining credibility through endorsement of HiFi magazines, most notably Stereophile who recently issued a B rating for the Vincent Tubeline SV-236MK integrated – a very close derivative of the Sheng Ya A10 CS amplifier. While assembled in the same factory, Vincent models sell for prices around four times higher than Sheng Ya. The Sheng Ya amplifier is advertised by Cattylink as being a Vincent SV-236MK though this is not strictly correct.